Tim Raue

Tim Raue is one of Germany’s most renowned chefs and, together with his business partner Marie-Anne Wild, is the founder of the two Michelin-Starred Berlin restaurant that shares his name. Restaurant Tim Raue has also made the list of Top 50 Restaurants in the world for various years now. Chef Raue uses Asian elements to inspire his cooking and provide diners with a truly unique menu. Apart from running Restaurant Tim Raue, Chef Raue has made numerous appearances on TV, being featured on the Netflix series, Chef’s Table, VOX program Kitchen Impossible, and Germany’s version of MasterChef, among others.

Photo credits: Nils Hasenau

Tim Raue's Recipes

Quince, Macadamia & Passion Fruit

Tim Raue's Articles

INC Interviews Two-Michelin Star Chef, Tim Raue

18 November, 2021 Gourmet
"We use almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and cashews all the time, as well as their oils."
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