Go Nuts and Join the Nutfruit Power Challenge!


Wake up early, walk the dog, leave kids at school, go to the office, be as efficient as you can, go to the gym, meet with friends, make dinner, do homework. Every day is full of challenges and it’s better to feel powerful to face them. Nuts and dried fruits are energy-dense foods, so why not start the day with a boost of Nutfruit Power?

This September, the INC has launched Nutfruit Power, the new dissemination campaign that promotes the consumption of nuts and dried fruits in the morning to start your day with power. Nowadays, energy is turning into a key element within a contemporary health and wellness lifestyle. As consumers, we are starting to get tired of the concept of weight management and miraculous diets and we want to achieve a more holistic approach to a healthy diet. We all want to remain energetic for as long as we can.

How can you do that? Join #NutfruitPowerChallenge, eat nuts and dried fruits in the morning and remain energetic for as long as you can!

Get Involved!

Be an ambassador of the Nutfruit Power and share some of your daily challenges. Jump out of bed, walk the dog, go for your morning run or add nuts and dried fruits to your breakfast. Post a photo of it or record yourself on your morning challenge and upload it onto your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Remember to use the hashtag #NutfruitPowerChallenge.

Want more ideas? Watch and share the Nutfruit Power video campaign.

So, ready for today? Now it’s the time to choose your challenge and go nuts!

To see more information about the campaign please visit the campaign’s webpage.

Go Nuts and Join the Nutfruit Power Challenge!



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