Nutfruit Power Challenge

Choose a challenge to start the day and go for it! Add a handful of nuts and dried fruits to your breakfast to switch on your NUTFRUIT POWER and be ready for the day ahead.

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    Nutfruit Power Challenge

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    Nutfruit Power Challenge Recipes

    Tomato Toast with Macadamia Ricotta

    1) In a food processor, purée the macadamias, salt, lemon juice and water together until smooth. 2) Toa...

    Chef: INC

    Yogurt Bowl with Cashews and Dried Apricots

    1) Add the yogurt to a small bowl and top with the muesli, chopped cashews and dried apricots.  ...

    Chef: INC

    Toasts with Pistachio Mascarpone and Dried Figs

    1) In a blender, add the mascarpone and one handful of pistachios and mix until the cream is homogeneous. 2) Toast the bread and spread the pis...

    Chef: INC

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