Nuts for Valentine’s Day… Or Any Day Really!


Valentine’s Day is once again around the corner and although known as the day of love sometimes, with all the publicity and pressure surrounding it we can end up feeling, well a little bit stressed. So, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you out this Valentine’s Day -or any day really- with nuts and dried fruits of course.

Nuts for Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed once in a while? Even if it means getting up that little bit earlier, it’s great to take the time to relax before all the hustle and bustle of the day ahead -yourself and/or that special someone will definitely be grateful for it. If you’re looking for some quick ideas why not give this Yogurt Parfait with Walnuts a go? Not only is it delicious and ready in just five minutes, but adding nuts to your breakfast is a great way to help keep your energy level higher throughout the day.

Nuts for Gifts

Sometimes original handcrafted gifts are the best way forward. Why not have a go at painting your own mug with love or some hand-crafted flowers -you could even make it a healthy gift too by adding nuts and dried fruits! Whether it’s for a friend, partner, family member or that special person in your life, we’re sure you’ll enjoy making it just as much as they’ll enjoy receiving it.

A Delicious Dinner

As with breakfast, there’s something about the simplicity of a healthy home cooked dinner; no fuss, no bill at the end and the self-satisfaction of having made it yourself – even if you’re not a gourmet chef! Home cooking is also an activity that we can share with the ones we love, making it double the fun and half the work. So, go pick up some local ingredients and whip up a delicious feast in no time. And if you’re stuck for ideas, not to worry, we’ve got a few with nuts and dried fruits.

A Movie Marathon

Curling up on the sofa with a pile of your favorite films ready and raring to go, well let’s be honest, occasionally there’s no beating it! Grab a healthy snack (of nuts and dried fruits) and settle down with those nearest and dearest and finish off the day the relaxing way!Got any plans for Valentine’s Day? Share them with us over on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

Nuts for Valentine’s Day… Or Any Day Really!



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