How to Store Nuts and Dried Fruits

Store nuts

Nuts and dried fruits are a great food to have at hand. They are incredibly good for us and are a great source of protein for those following a plant-based, vegan or vegetarian diet. They provide a unique flavor to many meals, helping us whip up a delicious healthy treat in no time. So with that in mind, read on to see how to keep those healthy nibbles fresher for longer.

Why have nuts and dried fruits handy

As mentioned, consuming nuts and dried fruits handy can be beneficial for several reasons: They provide many essential nutrients including fiber, unsaturated fats, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. Nuts and dried fruits also make a great healthy snack, they can be enjoyed both in sweet and savory meals plus, they’re a great food to take with you if you need to keep your energy levels up when you’re on the go. Overall, having nuts and dried fruits readily available can contribute to a balanced and nutritious diet, help satisfy cravings, and make it easier to make healthier food choices throughout the day.

Where to keep nuts and dried fruits

Nuts are best stored out of direct light and heat therefore, it is essential to find a cool, dark place to store them. The shelf life will also vary depending on how fresh they were at the time of purchase. However, storing them in an airtight completely sealed container, preferable glass, will help keep them fresher for longer. Contrary to popular belief, nuts should be stored in the fridge as opposed to at room temperature, this is especially true for people living in hot, humid climates or during the hotter summer months.

When storing them in the refrigerator, it is still always best to use air glass containers. Plastic bags, as well as not being the most sustainable option, can also absorb the flavors of other foods, something that none of us want!

Store nuts and dried fruit in the freezer!

If you’re someone who likes to buy in bulk or know that you’re not going to use the ingredients straight away, did you know you can keep nuts and dried fruits in the freezer! In fact, dried fruit keeps very well in the freezer and can last up to 12 months when stored properly. Nuts on the other hand vary depending on the nut. Storing nuts and dried fruits properly is essential to maintain their freshness and prevent them from spoiling or becoming stale.

Quick tips for storing nuts and dried fruits

To keep nuts and dried fruits fresh and safe for consumption, it’s essential to store them properly in the right conditions. Here are some tips on how to store nuts and dried fruits:

  • If storing different types of nuts or dried fruits together, try to separate them with dividers or use separate containers to prevent them from exchanging flavors and aromas.
  • Whole, raw nuts and seeds with stay fresh the longest.
  • Shelled nuts have a shorter shelf life than those still in their shell.
  • Transfer the nuts and dried fruits from their original packaging to airtight containers. Glass jars containers with tight-sealing lids work well. Make sure the containers are clean and completely dry before use.
  • Moisture is the enemy of nuts and dried fruits. Use moisture-absorbing packets or add a small piece of dry bread to the container to help absorb any excess moisture.
  • Label the containers with the date of purchase or the expiration date, if available. This will help you keep track of freshness.
  • If you have a vacuum sealer, consider vacuum-sealing nuts and dried fruits in small portions. This can extend their shelf life significantly.
  • Let’s rotate the stock by using the oldest nuts and dried fruits first to ensure that you’re always consuming the freshest products.

By following these storage tips, you can enjoy the natural goodness of nuts and dried fruits for an extended period while preserving their taste and texture. Proper storage helps prevent them from becoming rancid, stale, or spoiled. Remember, these are just guidelines, as many factors including where you live can have an impact on the shelf life of nuts and dried fruits.

If you want to see some easy ways to add nuts and dried fruits into your diet, take a look at our healthy breakfast recipes.

How to Store Nuts and Dried Fruits

Store nuts


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