Healthy Snacking at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament with Nuts and Dried Fruits

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The Wimbledon tennis tournament is back, which means that many of you are looking forward to attending the match with your family and friends (or rivals 😉), with an assortment of snacks in your bag. But are you planning to bring any nuts and dried fruits? We hope so! But if not, read on to learn why you need nuts and dried fruits during the match. Let’s impress your fellow spectators!

This year, rather than reaching for the same old snack, let’s start a new trend with #nuts and #dried #fruits… Help us spread this innovative idea by snacking on some #nuts and #dried #fruits during the breaks or while watching the matches 👀! 

Since the very first tournament back in 1877, when there were just 200 spectators, Wimbledon has had the same traditional snack. This year, let’s mix things up by starting a new trend!

Here you can discover some reasons to snack on #nuts and #dried #fruits during your favorite player’s magical win at Wimbledon ⬇️ 

  • They’re full of PLANT-BASED PROTEIN, making them the perfect fuel to keep your eyes on the match!
  • They’re great for your BRAIN HEALTH, helping you stay keen and attentive during all the matches!
  • They’re the ideal treat for your IMMUNE SYSTEM: vitamins and minerals galore! During the breaks, don’t forget to have your favorite #nut or #dried #fruit!
  • Remember that snacking nuts has been linked to WEIGHT CONTROL: it’s a much better choice than sugary snacks! But… how many to grab? A healthy 30 g handful!

Watching Wimbledon? 👀 Check out these SNACK HACKS!

For more ideas, go over to our healthy recipes.

Healthy Snacking at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament with Nuts and Dried Fruits

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