Say It With Nuts


Valentine’s Day has become one of the greatest expressions of how intense is the role played by the advertising industry in our life. Whether you have noticed it or not, once you set a foot on the street there are thousands of commercial messages willing to trespass on your right-side brain. Within this never-passing trend, we are seemingly forced to buy or bring some gift to say ‘hey, it’s me and you know I love you’. Irrespective of your level of engagement with Cupid’s arrows, every day provides us with many opportunities to express how deep is our love. Life is full of petty-actions which are able to transform a daily routine into a passionate moment. Don’t miss that opportunity to say how wonderful is your world next to that special person you share your life with. Although you have plenty of opportunities, we propose you 5 ways to say it with nuts on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t be afraid to say “I’m nuts about you!”

Say it out loud and don’t panic to disturb those surrounding you. I’m nuts about you means I love you. Indeed, it might lead us to believe that nuts lie on the deepest origin of love. Life is full of obstacles and uncertainty but don’t hesitate to succumb to its colorful and brightest part.

Bring the breakfast to bed

It doesn’t matter if you have to work or you must set off early for a journey. Set your alarm a little bit earlier and bring your partner the breakfast to bed. It won’t cost you more, as there are many alternatives to make it cheap and healthy. We propose you to try a nut yogurt. Chop fresh fruits and add some mixed nuts on top. Nuts are rich in protein and fiber, which is an excellent natural energy booster for the rest of the day.

Go running with your partner

Valentine’s Day might be a great chance to start doing sport. February is not too late to recover those old New Year’s resolutions that seemed forgotten in the deepest spot of your mind. Convince your partner to go running for just half an hour. It might be the beginning of an endless habit, or just a simple way to break the dull routine. Don’t forget to take a handful of nuts with you after the physical activity. They are packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Nuts are a good source of unsaturated fats (mono- and polyunsaturated) and have a low proportion of saturated fats, so they are good to prevent cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol.

Express your passion for love

Don’t hide your passion behind repetitive excuses such as stress or tiredness. Seek a moment of privacy and make love. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, everyday provides us with scenes to unleash our passion. You must know that nuts are among the foods containing vitamin E, which helps to increase blood flows. 

Watch a romantic movie before going to bed 

Spare a moment to recall a romantic scene you watch in that movie. Cinema has awarded us with unforgettable moments that will remain forever in our memory. Maybe tonight is a good moment to take a seat on your coach, relax for a while and see that adored film.

Do you have qualms about what to choose? Let’s try with Ghost, The Notebook, Love Actually or One Day.

Take some nuts as a snack, as they are healthy and tasty. Bear in mind that the portion of nuts recommended fits in a handful.

Which are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you planning to say it with nuts?

Say It With Nuts



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