What Food Trends Will We Be Following Next


Recently we conducted a consumer trends research to see what trends we’ll be following over the next few years. The research showed that within the next five years, energy boosting and digestive health will be at the top of our lists when making purchasing decisions. Plus, due to the ongoing pandemic, products that help support our immune systems are also likely to start working their way to the top.

What are the food trends

Consuming foods that boost energy, and support digestive health are among the largest and fastest growing trends. It was found that these two markets are forecasted to be the fastest growers among the health and wellness category. By 2024, the market size for products boosting energy is forecasted to grow by 50% and products supporting digestive health are forecasted to grow 32%. The study also showed that we are still also concerned about weight management when making purchasing decisions, however, it is not forecasted to grow as quickly as those previously mentioned.

Immune support is on the rise

One interesting trend that we are likely to start taking a hold of is looking for foods that help keep our immune system healthy. With many of us obviously concerned over the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus on a healthy diet will likely deepen. Already the trend research showed that companies are increasingly expanding into this market and this trend is expected to only grow in a post-COVID-19 normality.

How can nuts and dried fruits help

Thanks to their interesting nutritional profile, nuts and dried fruits can be included in the list as foods to consume to help with these individual concerns. They contain many nutrients including fiber, unsaturated fats, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals that help keep energy level higher and can aid with digestive health. Plus a mix of nuts and dried fruits contain vitamin A, vitamin B6, selenium, zinc, iron and copper that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

See our nut and dried fruit recipes to be inspired to include them in your diet.

What Food Trends Will We Be Following Next



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