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    Nuts and Dried Fruits

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Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are everywhere. Find out more about their properties and give them a place in your life.

Discover individual facts about the following nuts and dried fruits.



Explore our delicious recipes! Developed by expert chefs, discover new and exciting ways to incorporate nuts and dried fruits into your diet.

From appetizers to desserts, there are over 90 different recipes to try!



Want to learn more? Enter the exciting world of nuts and dried fruits and see what they can do to benefit your health.

Read all the latest from expert chefs and industry professionals.

Nuts for Gifts

Nuts for Gifts

Help us promote the worldwide consumption of nuts and dried fruits. Become part of our Nuts for Gifts universe.

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Discover the Nuts & Dried fruits

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Dried Figs: Fascinating Facts you Never Knew About Them

24 April 2019 News
Did you know that figs are indigenous to Western Asia and are found throughout the Mediterranean area, where the climate...
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The Potential Contribution of Traditional Dried Fruits to Public Health

08 April 2019 News
This paper is based on a scientific workshop held in London, UK, at the Kings Fund, on June 7, 2018,...
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Nuts for a Healthier World’s Campaign from INC Raises €47,800 to Fight Against Child Malnutrition

27 March 2019 News
Since January €47,800 has been raised for the international NGO Save the Children through Nuts for a Healthier World Campaign....
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INC Talks to Leonor Espinosa, Head Chef at Leo Restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia

19 March 2019 Gourmet
“I work with biologists, ethnobotanists and dendrologists to discover promising species that can be incorporated into dishes and condiments, trying...
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