Golden Buddha Bowl with Almonds, Cashews and Dried Apricots

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Nuts & Dried Fruit RECIPES

50 mins

A perfect combination of sweet flavors and crunchy texture. These donuts, made with bananas and dates, are garnished with a layer of chopped nuts, the perfect choice for those who love healthy and tasty snacks.

10 mins

Irresistible combination of flavors and textures for your palate with Nutfruit Date Bonbons full of natural sweetness thanks to the dates, the crunch of the pecan nuts and hazelnuts, and the delicious taste of chocolate.

15 mins

A quick and healthy way to enjoy cookies. We can prepare them in 15 minutes and have them as a healthy energy snack during the week.

20 mins

This recipe for caramel nuts produces crispy nuts that are coated in a sweet, crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. They're savory but sweet.

3 hrs

This sweet Pistachio & Coconut Tart is perfect as a dessert or afternoon treat! The raw base is packed with oats, cacao and dates, with a subtle coconut flavour.