Painted Tin Box with Nuts & Dried Fruits

Learn how to create a painted tin box decorated to your own style. Add your favorite nuts and dried fruits and gift it to someone special.


• Cutting mat
• 1 empty tin
• Paint in various colors
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Paint brushes
• Felt tip
• Box cutter
• Rubber
• Letter Stencils
• Card
• Nuts and Dried Fruit


1. Paint the tin with all over and set to dry.
2. Stick on the letter stencils spelling out what you want to write. Fill them in with paint and then lift off the stencils.
3. Measure the depth and width of the tin then get the card and the ruler and draw and cut out two rectangles with the measurements of the width and the depth.
4. Make a slit in one of the rectangles nearly to the top, slot the two rectangles together and place them in the tin so you make four separate sections.
5. Add your favorite nuts and dried fruits into the tin and finish the decoration off to your taste.

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