Painted Tin Box with Nuts & Dried Fruits

Dive into the world of DIY crafts as you learn how to transform a simple tin box into a personalized masterpiece. Follow along with this tutorial to paint and decorate the tin according to your unique style, and then fill it with your favorite assortment of nuts and dried fruits for a delightful gift or a special treat for yourself.

30 mins
Family & Friends


• Cutting mat
• 1 empty tin
• Paint in various colors
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Paint brushes
• Felt tip
• Box cutter
• Rubber
• Letter stencils
• Card
• Nuts and dried fruit


1. Begin by painting the entire surface of the tin with your chosen colors. Set it aside to dry completely.
2. Once the paint is dry, carefully stick on the letter stencils to spell out your desired message or design. Fill in the stenciled letters with paint, then gently lift off the stencils to reveal your painted message.
3. Measure the depth and width of the tin using a ruler. Cut out two rectangles from the card, each with dimensions matching the width and depth of the tin.
4. Make a slit in one of the rectangles, extending nearly to the top. Slide the two rectangles together to form a cross, creating four separate sections, and place them inside the tin.
5. Now, it’s time to add the finishing touches! Fill each section of the tin with your favorite nuts and dried fruits, arranging them to your liking. Feel free to further decorate the tin according to your taste, adding additional paint details or embellishments as desired.

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