Cookies Jar with Nuts and Dried Fruit

Create a delightful homemade cookies jar filled with a delicious mix of nuts and dried fruit, perfect for sharing with loved ones or as a thoughtful gift. Follow along with this step-by-step guide to craft your own personalized cookie jar masterpiece. Enjoy the process of creating this, filled with love and delicious treats for your family and friends!

45 mins
Family & Friends


• Jar
• Walnuts and raisins (or other nuts and dried fruit of your choice)
• Oats
• Brown sugar
• Flour
• Cereals
• Spoon
• Small bowls
• Scissors
• Pencil and colored pens
• Ruler
• White paper and cardboard
• Colored thread and regular thread
• Silicone
• Compass


1. Begin by adding each ingredient one by one into the jar as listed above.
2. Start with the flour, adding a spoonful and gently shaking the jar to ensure its evenly distributed at the bottom.
3. Next, add a spoonful of brown sugar.
4. Add a small amount of flour, then layer in three spoonsful of oats.
5. Continue by adding the raisins and walnuts, ensuring there are no gaps and the bottom layer is fully covered.
6. Finally, add the cereals and press them down firmly.
7. Use the compass to draw a circle on the white paper, then cut it out and glue it onto the lid of the jar using silicone.
8. On the cardboard paper, write a heartfelt message or decoration of your choice, then trim it to size and attach it to the jar using silicone.
9. Seal the jar, tie a knot with the colored thread, and attach your dedication note to decorate the jar.

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