Hand-painted Mugs with Love

Explore a simple yet delightful method for creating personalized hand-painted mugs adorned with love and filled with tasty nuts and dried fruit. This quick and easy craft makes for perfect gifts for loved ones or charming additions to your home décor. Enjoy creating these adorable hand-painted mugs, perfect for sharing heartfelt moments with someone special!

15 mins


• Adhesive colored sticky paper
• Colored felt tips
• Bone folder
• Mugs
• Nuts and dried fruit
• Spoon
• Scissors
• Bowl


1. Begin by taking the adhesive-colored sticky paper, folding it, and drawing two hearts.
2. Use scissors to carefully cut out the heart shapes.
3. Gently stick the hearts onto the mugs, ensuring they adhere firmly.
4. On one cup, trace around the heart-shaped sticky paper with a colored felt tip, then remove the sticky paper and unleash your creativity by drawing whatever design you fancy.
5. On the other cup, trace around the heart shape and remove the adhesive to create a neat outline.
6. In a bowl, mix together the nuts and dried fruit, then evenly distribute them into the mugs, filling them with deliciousness and love.

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