Handcrafted Flower with a nut and dried fruit flowerpot


• Cutting mat
• 5 pieces of colored paper
• Rubber
• Felt tip
• Box cutter
• Glue gun
• Compass
• Glue stick
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Wooden sticks for crafts


1. Place the paper horizontally and with a ruler mark out four equal parts. Do the same with two more pieces of paper.
2. Once you have the equal parts choose one of the colors and cut the paper into 17 small rectangles. Take another piece of paper and cut it into 27 squares and lastly, take the third piece of paper and cut in into 18 squares slightly smaller than the other ones.
3. Take the rectangle pieces of paper and roll each one up individually to make cone shapes and glue them so they don’t come unstuck. Then do the same with each of the other square colors of paper.
4. Take another piece of paper and cut out 2 circles big enough so you can stick the rectangle cones on to it with them just slightly hanging over the edge.
5. Take the glue gun and stick down the rectangle cones to the one of the circles one next to another until there’s no space left. Then on top of those start to place the cones made with the bigger squares until no more fit and then on top of those the smaller squares until you have the shape of a flower. If needed you can cut the thinner ends of the cones so they fit.
6. Pick up one of the wooden sticks and glue to the back of the flower and then cover it with the other circle that you cut out earlier.
7. Grab your favorite nuts and dried fruits and mix them together.
8. Get the flowerpot and fill it to the top with your nut and dried fruit mix.
9. Stick the flower into the flower pot and gift it to your favorite person (or keep it for yourself!).

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