Bags of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Engage your children in a fun crafting activity with these adorable bags filled with their preferred nuts and dried fruits. Let their creativity run wild as they design and decorate their own personalized bags, adding a touch of whimsy to snack time! Enjoy creating these delightful and personalized snack bags with your little ones!

35 mins


• Cutting mat
• Clear plastic bags
• Bone folder
• Ribbon
• Pencil
• Pen
• Felt tips
• Box cutter
• Scissors
• Glue gun
• Ruler
• Colored Paper
• Compass
• Nuts and dried fruit
• Stick-on eyes


1. Place the colored paper horizontally and make four marks on the paper to indicate where to cut.
2. With the ruler and box cutter, carefully cut the paper horizontally about three-quarters of the way down, creating the bag shape.
3. Use the bone folder and ruler to make straight vertical creases along the marked lines, then fold the paper along these creases to form the bag.
4. Cut out a circle on one side of the bag to create an opening.
5. Mix your children’s favorite nuts and dried fruit and place them into the clear plastic bags. Set aside.
6. Assemble and seal the decorated bag, then insert the filled plastic bag inside. Encourage your children to decorate the front of the bag with their chosen animal design, and don’t forget to add the stick-on eyes for an extra touch of charm!

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