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" To Screen or not to Screen": Comparing the Health and Economic Benefits of Early Peanut Introduction Strategies in Five Countries.   Authors:Shaker, M., Stukus, D., Chan, E. S., Fleischer, D. M., Spergel, J. M., & Greenhawt, M.  (2018)

Changes in immunoreactivity of allergen-reduced peanuts due to post-enzyme treatment roasting.  Authors:Mikiashvili, N., & Yu, J.  (2018)

Food Allergy.   Authors:Iweala O., Choudhary S. K., Commins S. P.  (2018)

Clinical presentation of cashew nut allergy in a paediatric cohort attending an allergy clinic in the West of Ireland.   Authors:Crealey, M., Alamin, S., Tormey, V., & Moylett, E.  (2018)

Microbead-based simultaneous fluorometric detection of three nut allergens.  Authors:Christopoulou, S., Karaiskou, S., & Kalogianni, D. P.  (2018)

Application of Multiantigen Profiling To Detect Pecan.   Authors:Cho, C. Y., Puente-Lelievre, C., Jones, G. D., Stadig, S. R., Taylor, D. A., Eischeid, A. C., & Garber, E. A.  (2018)

Assessment of peanut allergen Ara h1 in processed foods using a SWCNTs-based nanobiosensor.   Authors:Sobhan, A., Oh, J. H., Park, M. K., Kim, S. W., Park, C., & Lee, J.  (2018)

Origin and Processing Methods Slightly Affect Allergenic Characteristics of Cashew Nuts (Anacardium occidentale).   Authors:Reitsma, M., Bastiaan‐Net, S., Sijbrandij, L., de Weert, E., Sforza, S., van Wijk, R. G., ... & Wichers, H. J.  (2018)

Caregiver and expecting caregiver support for early peanut introduction guidelines.   Authors:Greenhawt, M., Chan, E. S., Fleischer, D. M., Hicks, A., Wilson, R., Shaker, M., ... & Stukus, D.  (2018)

The effect of prunes on stool output, gut transit time and gastrointestinal microbiota: A randomised controlled trial.   Authors:Lever, E., Scott, S. M., Louis, P., Emery, P. W., & Whelan, K.  (2018)

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