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Evaluation of a Self-Administered Computerized Cognitive Battery in an Older Population  Authors:Koyama, A. K., Hagan, K. A., Okereke, O. I., Weisskopf, M. G., Rosner, B., & Grodstein, F.  (2015)

Effect of different ripening stages on walnut kernel quality: antioxidant activities, lipid characterization and antibacterial properties.   Authors:Amin, F., Masoodi, F. A., Baba, W. N., Khan, A. A., & Ganie, B. A.  (2017)

Effects Of Oil Content On The Sensory, Textural And Physical Properties Of Pecan Butter (Carya illinoinensis).   Authors:Wagener, E. A., & Kerr, W. L.  (2017)

Extraction, identification, and quantification of antioxidant phenolics from hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) shells.  Authors:Yuan, B., Lu, M., Eskridge, K. M., Isom, L. D., & Hanna, M. A.  (2016)

Valorization Challenges to Almond Residues: Phytochemical Composition and Functional Application.  Authors:Prgomet, I., Gonçalves, B., Domínguez-Perles, R., Pascual-Seva, N., & Barros, A. I.  (2017)

Influence of enzymatic hydrolysis on the allergenic reactivity of processed cashew and pistachio.   Authors:Cuadrado, C., Cheng, H., Sanchiz, A., Ballesteros, I., Easson, M., Grimm, C. C., ... & Maleki, S. J.  (2018)

The allergen-specificity of early peanut consumption and the impact on the development of allergic disease in the LEAP Study Cohort.   Authors:Du Toit, G., Sayre, P. H., Roberts, G., Lawson, K., Sever, M. L., Bahnson, H. T., ... & Plaut, M.  (2017)

NUT Co Reactivity‐Acquiring Knowledge for Elimination Recommendations (NUT CRACKER) Study.  Authors:Elizur, A., Appel, M. Y., Nachshon, L., Levy, M. B., Epstein‐Rigby, N., Golobov, K., & Goldberg, M.  (2017)

Liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry for detecting ten allergens in complex and incurred foodstuffs.  Authors:Planque, M., Arnould, T., Dieu, M., Delahaut, P., Renard, P., & Gillard, N.  (2017)

Tree nut, peanut, and peanut butter intake and risk of postmenopausal breast cancer: The Netherlands Cohort Study.   Authors:van den Brandt PA , Nieuwenhuis L.  (2017)

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