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Phytochemical and physical properties of blueberries, tart cherries, strawberries, and cranberries as affected by different drying methods.   Authors:Nemzer, B., Vargas, L., Xia, X., Sintara, M., & Feng, H.  (2018)

Effect of potassium sorbate (E‐202) and the antifungal PgAFP protein on Aspergillus carbonarius growth and ochratoxin A production in raisin simulating media.   Authors:Fodil, S., Delgado, J., Varvaro, L., Yaseen, T., & Rodríguez, A.  (2018)

Rapid, simultaneous and non-destructive assessment of the moisture, water activity, firmness and SO 2 content of the intact sulphured-dried apricots using FT-NIRS and chemometrics.  Authors:Özdemir, İ. S., Öztürk, B., Çelik, B., Sarıtepe, Y., & Aksoy, H.  (2018)

Influence of Storage and Roasting on the Quality Properties of Kernel and Oils of Raw and Roasted Peanuts.   Authors:Al Juhaimi, F., Ghafoor, K., Babiker, E. E., Özcan, M. M., Aadiamo, O. Q., & Alsawmahi, O. N.  (2018)

Polyphasic approach to the identification and characterization of aflatoxigenic strains of Aspergillus section Flavi isolated from peanuts and peanut-based products marketed in Malaysia.   Authors:Norlia, M., Jinap, S., Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R., Son, R., & Chin, C. K.  (2018)

Cultural and Genetic Approaches to Manage Aflatoxin Contamination: Recent Insights Provide Opportunities for Improved Control.   Authors:Ojiambo, P., Battilani, P., Cary, J., Bluhm, B., & Carbone, I.  (2018)

Effect of roasting conditions on pigment composition and some quality parameters of pistachio oil.  Authors:Rabadán, A., Gallardo-Guerrero, L., Gandul-Rojas, B., Álvarez-Ortí, M., & Pardo, J. E.  (2018)

Risk assessment of exposure to aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A through consumption of different Pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.) cultivars collected from four geographical regions of Iran.   Authors:Taghizadeh, S. F., Rezaee, R., Davarynejad, G., Asili, J., Nemati, S. H., Goumenou, M., ... & Karimi, G.  (2018)

Chemical Characterization and Release of Polyphenols from Pecan Nut Shell [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh) C. Koch] in Zein Microparticles for Bioactive Applications.   Authors:Kureck, I., de Brito Policarpi, P., Toaldo, I. M., Maciel, M. V. D. O. B., Bordignon-Luiz, M. T., Barreto, P. L. M., & Block, J. M.  (2018)

Chemical characterization of a variety of cold-pressed gourmet oils available on the Brazilian market.   Authors:Cicero, N., Albergamo, A., Salvo, A., Bua, G. D., Bartolomeo, G., Mangano, V., ... & Dugo, G.  (2018)

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