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Effect of mass on convective heat transfer coefficient during open sun drying of groundnut.   Authors:Sahdev, R. K., Kumar, M., & Dhingra, A. K.  (2017)

Peanuts, Aflatoxins and Undernutrition in Children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Authors:Mupunga, I., Mngqawa, P., & Katerere, D. R.  (2017)

Evaluation of peanut skin and grape seed extracts to inhibit growth of foodborne pathogens.   Authors:Levy, J., Boyer, R. R., Neilson, A. P., O'Keefe, S. F., Chu, H. S. S., Williams, R. C., ... & Goodrich, K. M.  (2017)

Suppression of aflatoxin production in Aspergillus species by selected peanut (Arachis hypogaea) stilbenoids.   Authors:Sobolev, V. S., Arias, R. S., Goodman, K., Walk, T., Orner, V., Faustinelli, P., & Massa, A.  (2017)

Characterization of Peanut Oil Bodies Integral Proteins, Lipids, and Their Associated Phytochemicals.  Authors:Zaaboul F., Raza H., Chen C., Liu Y.  (2017)

Effects of high hydrostatic pressure on the functional and rheological properties of the protein fraction extracted from pine nuts.   Authors:Cao, B., Fang, L., Liu, C., Min, W., & Liu, J.  (2017)

Effect of natural polyphenol on the oxidative stability of pecan oil.   Authors:Zhang, Y. Y., Zhang, F., Thakur, K., Ci, A. T., Wang, H., Zhang, J. G., & Wei, Z. J.  (2017)

Fatty acid profile of pecan nut oils obtained from pressurized n-butane and cold pressing compared with commercial oils.   Authors:Scapinello, J., Magro, J. D., Block, J. M., Di Luccio, M., Tres, M. V., & Oliveira, J. V.  (2017)

Pecan walnut (Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch) oil quality and phenolic compounds as affected by microwave and conventional roasting.   Authors:Al Juhaimi, F., Özcan, M. M., Uslu, N., & Doğu, S.  (2017)

A critical approach to the toxic metal ion removal by hazelnut and almond shells.   Authors:Cataldo, S., Gianguzza, A., Milea, D., Muratore, N., Pettignano, A., & Sammartano, S.  (2017)

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