Joan Bosch

Chef and owner of the Restaurant Can Bosch Many traditional recipes in the Mediterranean region, and the coastal town of Cambrils (Tarragona, Spain) in particular, include nuts and dried fruits, which have played a key role in the evolution of typical tastes and flavors. Many of these recipes were originated by sailors in their fishing boats, while preparing the daily meals for the fishermen on board. The leading characters of the dishes were the excellent seafood and shellfish well paired with chopped nuts, among other ingredients, such as hazelnuts and almonds, which were abundant and characteristic of the Mediterranean region. This traditional coastal cuisine has always been enjoyed in the open sea, but now can also be found in solid ground. It has become one of the most representative features of the gastronomy of the port of Cambrils. There are so many lovers of these traditional dishes, they have become a tourist attraction. One of the pioneers of this cuisine is restaurant Can Bosch, whose founders (Joan Bosch’s parents, Maria Lourdes and Joan Baptista Bosch) established as a fishermen’s bar in 1969. They served the first warm “tapas” at the counter, although they have nothing to do with the current ones. But let’s go step by step: five years later, after renovating the building, the bar became a canteen, and the new kitchen started serving traditional maritime dishes that included nuts. It was in 1980 that Can Bosch became a restaurant, and 8 years later Joan Bosch started leading the project as Executive chef. At Can Bosch, they combine the most exciting modern culinary techniques with a traditional point of view and impeccable ingredients. Their dishes never forget Mediterranean closest products, such as almonds and hazelnuts from the Baix Camp area, to achieve what they call a “zero kilometer” cuisine. They have been awarded for this extraordinary work with a Michelin Star and a 9/10 in the Guide Gourmand. Can Bosch’s menu has two distinct sections, traditional dishes in one side and innovative dishes in the other, as a result of the evolution and creativity in our cuisine. Starting from the daily supply of the local market, Joan Bosch focuses his attention on the selection of products, which mostly come from the Baix Camp area: seafood, olive oil, farm products, and of course nuts. Because of all of this, Can Bosch is recognized as a unique restaurant where customers enjoy the excitement of what the chef cooks, surprising with creations based in seafood products of our seaside and land, among which you can find nuts from the Baix Camp.

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