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New model for colour kinetics of plum under infrared vacuum condition and microwave drying  Authors:Chayjan, R. A., & Alaei, B.  (2016)

Consumption of sweetened, dried cranberries may reduce urinary tract infection incidence in susceptible women – a modified observational study  Authors:Burleigh, A. E., Benck, S. M., McAchran, S. E., Reed, J. D., Krueger, C. G., & Hopkins, W. J.  (2013)

Determination of acrylamide in dried fruits and edible seeds using QuEChERS extraction and LC separation with MS detection.  Authors:De Paola, E. L., Montevecchi, G., Masino, F., Garbini, D., Barbanera, M., & Antonelli, A.  (2017)

Food processing and structure impact the metabolizable energy of almonds.  Authors:Gebauer, S. K., Novotny, J. A., Bornhorst, G. M., & Baer, D. J.  (2016)

Sun dried Corinthian currant (Vitis Vinifera L., var. Apyrena) simple sugar profile and macronutrient characterization.  Authors:Nikolidaki, E. K., Chiou, A., Christea, M., Gkegka, A. P., Karvelas, M., & Karathanos, V. T.  (2016)

Effects of Sulfur Dioxide Concentration on Organic Acids and β-Carotene in Dried Apricots During Storage.  Authors:Salur-Can, A., Türkyılmaz, M., & Özkan, M.  (2016)

Physico-chemical characteristics and fungal profile of four Saudi fresh date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars.  Authors:Al-Asmari, F., Nirmal, N., Chaliha, M., Williams, D., Mereddy, R., Shelat, K., & Sultanbawa, Y.  (2016)

Maillard Reaction and Caramelization during Hazelnut Roasting: A multiresponse kinetic study  Authors:Taş, N. G., & Gökmen, V.  (2016)

Identification and Characterization of Ana o 3 Modifications on Arginine Residue-111 in Heated Cashew Nuts.  Authors:Mattison, C. P., Grimm, C. C., Li, Y., Chial, H. J., McCaslin, D. R., Chung, S. Y., ... & Wasserman, R. L.  (2016)

Development of a multiplex real-time PCR for determination of apricot in marzipan using the PLEXOR® System.  Authors:Schelm, S., Haase, I., Fischer, C., & Fischer, M.  (2016)

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