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An umbrella review of nuts intake and risk of cardiovascular disease.   Authors:Schwingshackl, L., Hoffmann, G., Missbach, B., Stelmach-Mardas, M., & Boeing, H.  (2017)

A walnut-containing meal had similar effects on early satiety, CCK, and PYY, but attenuated the postprandial GLP-1 and insulin response compared to a nut-free control meal.   Authors:Rock, C. L., Flatt, S. W., Barkai, H. S., Pakiz, B., & Heath, D. D.  (2017)

The effect of almonds on vitamin E status and cardiovascular risk factors in Korean adults: a randomized clinical trial.   Authors:Jung H, Chen CO, Blumberg JB, Kwak HK.  (2017)

Nuts and Dried Fruits: An Update of Their Beneficial Effects on Type 2 Diabetes.   Authors:Hernández-Alonso, P., Camacho-Barcia, L., Bulló, M., & Salas-Salvadó, J.  (2017)

Influence of Genetic Variations in Selenoprotein Genes on the Pattern of Gene Expression after Supplementation with Brazil Nuts.   Authors:Donadio JLS, Rogero MM, Cockell S, Hesketh J, Cozzolino SMF.  (2017)

Maternal intake of cashew nuts accelerates reflex maturation and facilitates memory in the offspring.   Authors:de Melo, M. F. F. T., Pereira, D. E., Sousa, M. M., Medeiros, D. M. F., Lemos, L. T. M., Madruga, M. S., ... & Soares, J. K. B.  (2017)

Effect of Sweetened Dried Cranberry Consumption on Urinary Proteome and Fecal Microbiome in Healthy Human Subjects.  Authors:Bekiares, N., Krueger, C. G., Meudt, J. J., Shanmuganayagam, D., & Reed, J. D.  (2017)

Effects of hazelnuts and cocoa on vascular reactivity in healthy subjects: a randomised study.   Authors:Adamo M, Labate AM, Ferrulli A, Macrì C, Terruzzi I, Luzi L.  (2017)

Inclusion of Almonds in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet Improves Plasma HDL Subspecies and Cholesterol Efflux to Serum in Normal-Weight Individuals with Elevated LDL Cholesterol  Authors:Berryman, C. E., Fleming, J. A., & Kris-Etherton, P. M.  (2017)

Dried Plums, Prunes and Bone Health: A Comprehensive Review.  Authors:Wallace, T. C.  (2017)

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