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Conjunctival provocation test in diagnosis of peanut allergy in children.  Authors:Lindvik, H., Lødrup Carlsen, K. C., Mowinckel, P., Navaratnam, J., Borres, M. P., & Carlsen, K. H.  (2017)

Review suggests that the immunoregulatory and anti‐inflammatory properties of allergenic foods can provoke oral tolerance if introduced early to infants’ diets.  Authors:Mermiri, D. Z. T., Lappa, T., & Papadopoulou, A. L.  (2017)

Can pan-allergens affect the sensitization pattern?  Authors:Ciprandi, G., Comite, P., Bruzzone, M., & Fontana, V.  (2017)

Phenotypical characterization of peanut allergic children with differences in cross‐allergy to tree nuts and other legumes.  Authors:Cousin, M., Verdun, S., Seynave, M., Vilain, A. C., Lansiaux, A., Decoster, A., & Sauvage, C.  (2017)

Potential prebiotic properties of cashew apple (Anacardium occidentale L.) agro‐industrial byproduct on Lactobacillus species.  Authors:Duarte, F. N. D., Rodrigues, J. B., da Costa Lima, M., Lima, M. D. S., Pacheco, M. T. B., Pintado, M. M. E., ... & de Souza, E. L.  (2017)

The Walnuts and Healthy Aging study (WAHA): Protocol for a Nutritional Intervention Trial with Walnuts on Brain Aging.  Authors:Rajaram, S., Valls-Pedret, C., Cofan, M., Sabaté, J., Serra-Mir, M., Pérez-Heras, A. M., ... & Doménech, M.  (2016)

Almond “Appetizer” Effect on Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) Results.  Authors:Crouch, M. A., & Slater, R. T.  (2016)

Changes in fatty liver index after consuming a Mediterranean diet: 6-year follow-up of the PREDIMED-Malaga trial.  Authors:Cueto-Galán, R., Barón, F. J., Valdivielso, P., Pintó, X., Corbella, E., Gómez-Gracia, E., & Wärnberg, J.  (2017)

Evaluation the effect of gamma irradiation on microbial, chemical and sensorial properties of peanut (Arachis hypogaea l.) seeds.  Authors:Al-Bachir, M.  (2016)

Food Targeting: Geographical origin determination of hazelnuts (Corylus avellana) by LC-QqQ-MS/MS based targeted metabolomics application.  Authors:Klockmann, S., Reiner, E., Cain, N., & Fischer, M.  (2017)

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