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Health & Nuts Magazine

The issue number 1 of the magazine incorporates the latest scientific data and advices from the landmark study PREDIMED -published in the February issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The spotlight of the publication Health & Nuts is the prevention and disease management through the consumption of nuts in a typical Mediterranean Diet.

Copies of the magazine are available at no cost for Health Professionals, with the aim to spread the health message, and help to stay updated on the latest scientific news.  Download here

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World Nuts & Dried Fruits Trade Map

The INC provides a high quality map, using latest data, that becomes a must for nuts and dried fruits import & export departments, traders and international analysts.

Download the map here.

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The INC Cartoons


INC has produced a short animated film about "Nuts and Dried Fruits: Superheroes with Superpowers".


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November 26-28, China International Convention Center, Beijing
December 9-11, Sacramento, USA
January 11-13, San Francisco, USA
January 16-19, San Diego, CA
February 1-4, Cologne
February 1-4, Cologne, Germany
February 4-6, Berlin, Germany
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13 November 2014
The incidence rate of type 2 diabetes can be reduced by 52% with a regular consumption of nuts

Nut consumption as part of a Mediterranean diet can help reduce the incidence rate of type 2 diabetes by 52%, according to the PREDIMED study (Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases through a Mediterranean diet). This data reinforce the earlier findings from the study Nuts as a replacement for carbohydrates in the diabetic diet, this one carried out by the Toronto University in Canada.

13 November 2014
Great Success of Nuts & Dried Fruit at SIAL Paris 2014

Thousands of professionals from the food industry, including producers, buyers, distributors, and retailers, visited the business reference point for nuts and dried fruit with a total of 19 co-exhibitors at SIAL Paris, from 19th to 23rd October 2014.

11 November 2014
Regular consumption of nuts reduces by 29% the chances of death by cardiac disease

Consuming nuts regularly reduces by 29% the chances of death by cardiovascular disease. This is one of the main conclusions presented in the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, which is being held in Las Palmas until the 14th of November.

06 November 2014
New! INC Call for Promotion and Dissemination Projects

INC calls for Promotion and Dissemination Projects aimed at building consumer demand for nuts and dried fruits worldwide.

06 November 2014
2015 INC Research Grant

INC calls for Research Projects: clinic, epidemiological, basic and strategic research that may contribute to enhance the understanding of the health effects of nuts and dried fruits. 

Imatge Form Anuga
05 November 2014
Join us at INC Pavilion at ANUGA Köln 2015

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INC offers a full-service Pavilion to deliver a superior service matchless by any other booth.

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