In India, almonds are prescribed in Ayurveda medicine as

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Correct answer: a) In India, almonds are prescribed as a brain tonic in Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

Who brought the almond tree to California in the 18th century?

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Correct answer: b) Franciscan Padres brought the almond tree from Spain to California in the mid-18th century. They planted almond trees along El Camino Real (The Royal Road) from San Diego to Sonoma.

Which of these varieties is a Californian almond variety?

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Correct answer. c) Nonpareil is a Californian variety. Tuono is cultivated in Italy. Marcona, Largueta and Moncayo are Spanish varieties.

Who painted the famous “Almond Blossom” oil on canvas in 1890?

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Correct answer: d) Van Gogh, inspired by Japanese printmaking and the symbolism of new life represented by almond trees early flowering. The painting was a gift for his brother and sister-in-law Jo, who had just had a baby son (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation).

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