Raül Balam

Chef at restaurant Moments Raül Balam was born in Sant Pol de Mar, a beautiful coastal village in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain in the bosom of a family dedicated for generations to agriculture and food. Such inheritance evolved towards gastronomy through his parents, from whom Balam got his culinary arts education. The cuisine that Balam offers at Moments overflows with Mediterranean culture, hence tree nuts are an essential part of many of his recipes, both salty and sweet. In early 2013, he co-authored the book ‘Antiaging Recipes, Gastronomy and Science’, along with his mother Carme Ruscalleda, famous chef and owner of 3-Michelin Star restaurant Sant Pau, and Dr. Manuel Sánchez, Head of the Antiaging Unit at Clínica Planas in Barcelona. In the book, tree nuts are featured as one of the healthiest, most delicious and interesting group of foods.

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