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Nut Allergy in Two Different Areas of Spain: Differences in Clinical and Molecular Pattern.   Authors:Haroun-Díaz, E., Azofra, J., González-Mancebo, E., de las Heras, M., Pastor-Vargas, C., Esteban, V., ... & Cuesta-Herranz, J.  (2017)

Identification and characterization of the proteins bound by specific phage‐displayed recombinant antibodies (scFv) obtained against Brazil nut and almond extracts.   Authors:de la Cruz, S., Madrid, R., García, A., Alcocer, M., Martín, R., González, I., & García, T.  (2017)

BSACI guideline for the diagnosis and management of peanut and tree nut allergy.   Authors:Stiefel, G., Anagnostou, K., Boyle, R. J., Brathwaite, N., Ewan, P., Fox, A. T., ... & Clark, A. T.  (2017)

Cross-reactivity profiles of legumes and tree nuts using the xMAP® multiplex food allergen detection assay.  Authors:Cho, C. Y., Oles, C., Nowatzke, W., Oliver, K., & Garber, E. A.  (2017)

Kinetics of aflatoxin degradation during peanut roasting.  Authors:Martins, L. M., Sant'Ana, A. S., Iamanaka, B. T., Berto, M. I., Pitt, J. I., & Taniwaki, M. H.  (2017)

Occurrence, Toxicity, and Analysis of Major Mycotoxins in Food.   Authors:Alshannaq, A., & Yu, J.H.  (2017)

Influence of roasting on the chemopreventive potential of in vitro fermented almonds in LT97 colon adenoma cells.   Authors:Schlörmann, W., Fischer, S., Saupe, C., Dinc, T., Lorkowski, S., & Glei, M.  (2017)

Colour and in vitro quality attributes of walnuts from different growing conditions correlate with key precursors of primary and secondary metabolism.   Authors:Fuentealba, C., Hernández, I., Saa, S., Toledo, L., Burdiles, P., Chirinos, R., ... & Pedreschi, R.  (2017)

Phenol metabolism and preservation of fresh in‐hull walnut stored in modified atmosphere packaging.  Authors:Wang, J., Li, P., Gong, B., & Ma, H.  (2017)

Fatty acid and phenolic profiles of almond grown in Serbia.   Authors:Čolić, S. D., Akšić, M. M. F., Lazarević, K. B., Zec, G. N., Gašić, U. M., Zagorac, D. Č. D., & Natić, M. M.  (2017)

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