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Identifying Epithelial Endocytotic Mechanisms of the Peanut Allergens Ara h 1 and Ara h 2.  Authors:Price, D., Ackland, M. L., & Suphioglu, C.  (2017)

A Multi‐Center Study on Anaphylaxis caused by Peanut, Tree Nuts and Seeds in Children and Adolescents.  Authors:Jeong, K., Lee, S. Y., Ahn, K., Kim, J., Lee, H. R., Suh, D. I., ... & Kim, K. W.  (2017)

Effectiveness of a walnut-enriched diet on murine sperm: involvement of reduced peroxidative damage.  Authors:Coffua, L. S., & Martin-DeLeon, P. A.  (2017)

Role of Commodity Boards in Advancing the Understanding of the Health Benefits of Whole Foods: California Dried Plums.  Authors:Bowen, P. E.  (2017)

Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Powders Obtained from Different Plum Juice Formulations.  Authors:Michalska, A., Wojdyło, A., Łysiak, G. P., & Figiel, A.  (2017)

Effects of almond consumption on the post-lunch dip and long-term cognitive function in energy-restricted overweight and obese adults.  Authors:Dhillon, J., Tan, S. Y., & Mattes, R. D.  (2017)

Mediterranean Diet Improves High-Density Lipoprotein Function in High-Cardiovascular-Risk Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial.  Authors:Hernáez, Á., Castañer, O., Elosua, R., Pintó, X., Estruch, R., Salas-Salvadó, J., ... & Ortega-Calvo, M.  (2017)

Rapid Characterization of Trace Aflatoxin B1 on Groundnuts, wheat and maize by Dispersive Liquid‐Liquid Microextraction Followed by Direct Electrospray Probe Tandem Mass Spectrometry.  Authors:Satarpai, T., Siripinyanond, A., Su, H., & Shiea, J.  (2017)

Influence of controlled atmosphere on thermal inactivation of Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 in almond powder.  Authors:Cheng, T., Li, R., Kou, X., & Wang, S.  (2017)

Survival Kinetics of Salmonella enterica and Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli on a Plastic Surface at Low Relative Humidity and on Low–Water Activity Foods.  Authors:Hokunan, H., Koyama, K., Hasegawa, M., Kawamura, S., & Koseki, S.  (2016)

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