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Effects of sulfur dioxide concentration on organic acids and β-carotene in dried apricots during storage.  Authors:Salur-Can, A., Türkyılmaz, M., & Özkan, M.  (2017)

The need to revisit ochratoxin A risk in light of diabetes, obesity, and chronic kidney disease prevalence.  Authors:Chen, C., & Wu, F.  (2017)

Impact of processing conditions on the phytoprostanes profile of three types of nut kernels.  Authors:Carrasco-Del Amor, A. M., Aguayo, E., Collado-González, J., Guy, A., Galano, J. M., Durand, T., & Gil-Izquierdo, Á.  (2017)

Static Hot Air and Infrared Rays Roasting are Efficient Methods for Aflatoxin Decontamination on Hazelnuts.  Authors:Siciliano, I., Dal Bello, B., Zeppa, G., Spadaro, D., & Gullino, M. L.  (2017)

Chemical and sensory characterization of oxidative changes in roasted almonds undergoing accelerated shelf-life.  Authors:Franklin, L. M., Chapman, D., King, E., Mau, M., Huang, G., & Mitchell, A. E.  (2017)

Peanut Allergen Threshold Study (PATS): Novel single-dose oral food challenge study to validate eliciting doses in peanut allergic children.  Authors:Hourihane, J. O. B., Allen, K. J., Shreffler, W. G., Dunngalvin, G., Nordlee, J. A., Zurzolo, G. A., ... & Taylor, S. L.  (2017)

A Limited Survey of Dark Chocolate Bars Obtained in the United States for Undeclared Milk and Peanut Allergens.  Authors:Bedford, B., Yu, Y., Wang, X., Garber, E. A., & Jackson, L. S.  (2017)

Detection of Food Allergens by Phage-Displayed Produced Antibodies.  Authors:Madrid, R., de la Cruz, S., García, A., Martín, R., González, I., & García, T.  (2017)

Detection of Food Allergens by Taqman Real-Time PCR Methodology.  Authors:García, A., Madrid, R., García, T., Martín, R., & González, I.  (2017)

Low percentage of clinically relevant pistachio nut and mango co-sensitisation in cashew nut sensitised children.  Authors:Valk, J. P. M., el Bouche, R., van Wijk, R. G., Groot, H., Wichers, H. J., Dubois, A. E. J., & Jong, N. W.  (2017)

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