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Effect of pistachio on brachial artery diameter and flow-mediated dilatation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled-feeding clinical studies.   Authors:Fogacci, F., Cicero, A. F., Derosa, G., Rizzo, M., Veronesi, M., & Borghi, C.  (2017)

Dietary Polyphenols, Mediterranean Diet, Prediabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes: A Narrative Review of the Evidence.  Authors:Guasch-Ferré, M., Merino, J., Sun, Q., Fitó, M., & Salas-Salvadó, J.  (2017)

Mediterranean diet impact on cardiovascular diseases: a narrative review.  Authors:Mattioli, A. V., Palmiero, P., Manfrini, O., Puddu, P. E., Nodari, S., Dei Cas, A., ... & Di Francesco, S.  (2017)

Longitudinal Analysis of Nut-Inclusive Diets and Body Mass Index Among Overweight and Obese African American Women Living in Rural Alabama and Mississippi, 2011–2013.   Authors:Sterling, S.R., Bertrand, B., Judd, S., Carson, T.L., Chandler-Laney, P., Baskin, M.L.  (2017)

Brazil nuts: Nutritional composition, health benefits and safety aspects.   Authors:Cardoso, B. R., Duarte, G. B. S., Reis, B. Z., & Cozzolino, S. M. (2017).  (2017)

Changes in the Gut Microbial Communities Following Addition of Walnuts to the Diet.   Authors:Byerley, L. O., Samuelson, D., Blanchard IV, E., Luo, M., Lorenzen, B. N., Banks, S., ... & Taylor, C. M.  (2017)

Favourable nutrient intake and displacement with long-term walnut supplementation among elderly: results of a randomised trial.   Authors:Bitok, E., Jaceldo-Siegl, K., Rajaram, S., Serra-Mir, M., Roth, I., Feitas-Simoes, T., ... & Sabaté, J.  (2017)

Genetic and geochemical signatures to prevent frauds and counterfeit of high-quality asparagus and pistachio.   Authors:Zannella, C., Carucci, F., Aversano, R., Prohaska, T., Vingiani, S., Carputo, D., & Adamo, P.  (2017)

Raisins and Currants as Conventional Nutraceuticals in Italian Market: Natural Occurrence of Ochratoxin A.   Authors:Fanelli, F., Cozzi, G., Raiola, A., Dini, I., Mulè, G., Logrieco, A. F., & Ritieni, A  (2017)

Application of Power Ultrasound on the Convective Drying of Fruits and Vegetables: Effects on quality.   Authors:Rodríguez, Ó., Eim, V., Rosselló, C., Femenia, A., Cárcel, J. A., & Simal, S.  (2017)

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