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Age-Based Causes and Clinical Characteristics of Immediate-Type Food Allergy in Korean Children.   Authors:Jeong, K., Kim, J., Ahn, K., Lee, S. Y., Min, T. K., Pyun, B. Y., ... & Jang, G. C.  (2017)

CRD and beyond: multivariable regression models to predict severity of hazelnut allergy.   Authors:Datema, M. R., van Ree, R., Asero, R., Barreales, L., Belohlavkova, S., de Blay, F., ... & Gislason, D.  (2017)

Effects of industrial cashew nut processing on anacardic acid content and allergen recognition by IgE.   Authors:Mattison, C. P., Cavalcante, J. M., Gallão, M. I., & De Brito, E. S.  (2017)

Small percentage of anaphylactic reactions treated with epinephrine during food challenges in Dutch children.   Authors:van der Valk, J. P., Berends, I., van Wijk, R. G., Arends, N. J., van Maaren, M. S., de Groot, H., ... & de Jong, N. W.  (2017)

Oral food challenge outcomes in a pediatric tertiary care center  Authors:Abrams, E. M., & Becker, A. B.  (2017)

Pistachio nut allergy: an updated overview.  Authors:Costa, J., Silva, I., Vicente, A. A., Oliveira, M. B. P., & Mafra, I.  (2017)

Randomized Trial of Peanut Consumption in Infants at Risk for Peanut Allergy  Authors:Du Toit, G., Roberts, G., Sayre, P. H., Bahnson, H. T., Radulovic, S., Santos, A. F., ... & Turcanu, V.  (2015)

Nut consumption in relation to all-cause and cause-specific mortality: a meta-analysis 18 prospective studies.   Authors:Chen, G. C., Zhang, R., Martinez-Gonzalez, M. A., Zhang, Z., Bonaccio, M., van Dam, R. M., & Qin, L.  (2017)

Effects of Polyphenol Intake on Metabolic Syndrome: Current Evidences from Human Trials.   Authors:Chiva-Blanch, G., & Badimon, L.  (2017)

Walnut consumption increases activation of the insula to highly desirable food cues: A randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled, cross‐over fMRI study.  Authors:Farr, O. M., Tuccinardi, D., Upadhyay, J., Oussaada, S. M., & Mantzoros, C. S.  (2017)

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