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Emerging Therapies for Peanut Allergy.  Authors:Hong, T. S., Hu, A., Fahim, G., & Hermes-DeSantis, E. R.  (2020)

Infant Allergy Testing and Food Allergy Diagnoses Before and After Guidelines for Early Peanut Introduction.   Authors:Lo, R. M., Purington, N., McGhee, S. A., Mathur, M. B., Shaw, G. M., & Schroeder, A. R.  (2020)

Peanut Allergy–No Longer a Life Sentence.   Authors:Chong, K. W., & Turner, P. J.  (2020)

Effect of hot air and infrared roasting on hazelnut allergenicity.  Authors:Lamberti, C., Nebbia, S., Antoniazzi, S., Cirrincione, S., Marengo, E., Manfredi, M., ... & Balestrini, R.  (2020)

Replacing white rice bars with peanuts as snacks in the habitual diet improves metabolic syndrome risk among Chinese adults: a randomized controlled trial.  Authors:Wang, D., Sun, L., Liu, X., Niu, Z., Chen, S., Tang, L., ... & Malik, V.  (2020)

Adolescent alcohol, nuts, and fiber: combined effects on benign breast disease risk in young women.   Authors:Berkey, C. S., Tamimi, R. M., Willett, W. C., Rosner, B., Hickey, M., Toriola, A. T., ... & Colditz, G. A.  (2020)

Circulating Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Incident Adverse Events in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction.   Authors:Lázaro, I., Rueda, F., Cediel, G., Ortega, E., García-García, C., Sala-Vila, A., & Bayés-Genís, A.  (2020)

Potentials and Safety of Date Palm Fruit against Diabetes: A Critical Review.   Authors:Mia, M. A. T., Mosaib, M. G., Khalil, M. I., Islam, M. A., & Gan, S. H.  (2020)

Walnut Consumption Induces Tissue-Specific Omega-6/Omega-3 Decrease in High-Fructose-Fed Wistar Rats.   Authors:Zec, M. M., Krga, I., Takić, M., Debeljak-Martačić, J., Korićanac, G., Ranković, S., ... & Glibetic, M.  (2020)

Effects of pistachios on anthropometric indices, inflammatory markers, endothelial function, and blood pressure in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.   Authors:Asbaghi, O., Hadi, A., Campbell, M. S., Venkatakrishnan, K., & Ghaedi, E.  (2020)

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