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Decontamination of aflatoxin B1 in peanuts using various cooking methods.  Authors:Dhanshetty, M., Elliott, C. T., & Banerjee, K.  (2021)

Effect of processing on polyphenol profile, aflatoxin concentration and allergenicity of peanuts.  Authors:Salve, A. R., LeBlanc, J. G., & Arya, S. S.  (2021)

A simple extraction method with no lipid removal for the determination of aflatoxins in almonds by liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).   Authors:Ouakhssase, A., Fatini, N., & Ait Addi, E.  (2021)

The Existing Methods and Novel Approaches in Mycotoxins’ Detection.   Authors:Janik, E., Niemcewicz, M., Podogrocki, M., Ceremuga, M., Gorniak, L., Stela, M., & Bijak, M.  (2021)

The Influence of the Addition of Nuts on the Thermal and Rheological Properties of Wheat Flour.   Authors:Pycia, K., & Juszczak, L.  (2021)

Environmental Conditions Affecting Ochratoxin A During Solar Drying of Grapes: The Case of Tunnel and Open Air-Drying.   Authors:Templalexis, C., Giorni, P., Lentzou, D., Mesisca, S., Tsitsigiannis, D. I., Battilani, P., & Xanthopoulos, G.  (2021)

Unraveling Genetic Diversity Amongst European Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Varieties in Turkey.  Authors:Oztolan-Erol, N., Helmstetter, A. J., İnan, A., Buggs, R. J., & Lucas, S. J.  (2021)

The HADES yield prediction system–a case study on the Turkish hazelnut sector.  Authors:Bregaglio, S. U. M., Fischer, K., Ginaldi, F., Valeriano, T. T. B., & Giustarini, L.  (2021)

Variation of Morphological, Agronomic and Chemical Composition Traits of Local Hazelnuts Collected in Northern Spain.  Authors:Negrillo, A. C., Madrera, R. R., Valles, B. S., & Ferreira, J. J.  (2021)

Transcriptomic and Metabolic Analysis of Fruit Development and Identification of Genes Involved in Raffinose and Hydrolysable Tannin Biosynthesis in Walnuts.  Authors:Wang, H., Asker, K., Zhan, C., & Wang, N.  (2021)

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