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Associations between nut intake, cognitive function and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in older adults in the United States: NHANES 2011-14  Authors:Tan, S. Y., Georgousopoulou, E. N., Cardoso, B. R., Daly, R. M., & George, E. S.  (2021)

Predicting the Natural Development of Peanut Tolerance using Longitudinal Trajectories of Peanut-specific Serum Immunoglobulin E  Authors:Agnihotri, N. T., Warren, C. M., Newhall, K., Donnell, A., & Gupta, R. S.  (2021)

Global patterns in anaphylaxis due to specific foods: a systematic review  Authors:Conrado, A. B., Patel, N., & Turner, P. J.  (2021)

Onset of nut allergy in a pediatric cohort: clinical and molecular patterns. AFRUSEN study  Authors:Ibáñez-Sandin, M. D., Rodríguez Del Río, P., Alvarado, M. I., García, B. E., Garriga-Baraut, T., Reche Frutos, M., Escudero, C., Ramirez, A., Vila, L., Lasa, E. M., Blasco, C., Marchán-Martin, E., Martorell, A., Sanchez-García, S., Rodríguez-Álvarez, M.,  (2021)

Unbiased Immunization Strategy Yielding Specific Nanobodies against Macadamia Allergen of Vicilin-like Protein for Immunoassay Development  Authors:Hu, Y., Wu, S., Wang, Y., Lin, J., Sun, Y., Zhang, C., Gu, J., Yang, F., Lv, H., Ji, X., Zhang, Y., Muyldermans, S., & Wang, S.  (2021)

ImmunoCAP ISAC in food allergy diagnosis: a systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy  Authors:Maesa, J. M., Dobrzynska, A., Baños-Álvarez, E., Isabel-Gómez, R., & Blasco-Amaro, J. A.  (2021)

Exploiting Nut Cross Reactivity to Facilitate Real World Treatment of Tree Nut Allergy  Authors:Wasserman, R. L., Windom, H. H., Lie, D., Pence, D. M., & Ly, J.  (2021)

Oral food challenge in IgE mediated food allergy in eastern Mediterranean children  Authors:Ünsal, H., Bozat G, G. Ö., Ocak, M., Akarsu, A., Şahiner, Ü. M., Soyer, Ö., & Şekerel, B. E.  (2021)

Chemical Composition of the Hazelnut Kernel (Corylus avellana L.) and Its Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, and Antioxidant Activities  Authors:Shataer, D., Li, J., Duan, X. M., Liu, L., Xin, X. L., & Aisa, H. A.  (2021)

Exploring the antidiabetic potential of compounds isolated from Anacardium occidentale using computational approach: ligand-based virtual screening  Authors:Ukwenya, V. O., Adelakun, S. A., & Elekofehinti, O. O.  (2021)

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