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Genetic diversity assessment of Georgia peanut cultivars developed during ninety years of breeding  Authors:Brown, N., Branch, W. D., Johnson, M., & Wallace, J.  (2021)

Raw walnut kernel: a natural source for dietary proteases and bioactive proteins.   Authors:Chen, Y., Pei, H., Dai, Q., Zhang, C., Kong, X., & Hua, Y.  (2021)

A complete workflow for discovering small bioactive peptides in foods by LC-MS/MS: A case study on almonds.   Authors:Huang, Y. P., Dias, F. F. G., de Moura, J. M. L. N., & Barile, D.  (2021)

Dried Figs Quality Improvement and Process Energy Savings by Combinatory Application of Osmotic Pretreatment and Conventional Air Drying.   Authors:Andreou, V., Thanou, I., Giannoglou, M., Giannakourou, M. C., & Katsaros, G.  (2021)

Residue kinetics of neonicotinoids and abamectin in pistachio nuts under field conditions: model selection, effects of multiple sprayings, and risk assessment.  Authors:Torabi, E., Talebi Jahromi, K., Homayoonzadeh, M., Torshiz, A. O., & Tavakoli, E.  (2021)

Food irradiation: a promising technology to produce hypoallergenic food with high quality.  Authors:Pi, X., Yang, Y., Sun, Y., Wang, X., Wan, Y., Fu, G., ... & Cheng, J.  (2021)

Potential of Erythrocyte Membrane Lipid Profile as a Novel Inflammatory Biomarker to Distinguish Metabolically Healthy Obesity in Children.   Authors:Jauregibeitia, I., Portune, K., Rica, I., Tueros, I., Velasco, O., Grau, G., ... & Arranz, S.  (2021)

Molecular Differences Based on Erythrocyte Fatty Acid Profile to Personalize Dietary Strategies between Adults and Children with Obesity.   Authors:Jauregibeitia, I., Portune, K., Gaztambide, S., Rica, I., Tueros, I., Velasco, O., ... & Arranz, S.  (2021)

Fatty Acid Profile of Mature Red Blood Cell Membranes and Dietary Intake as a New Approach to Characterize Children with Overweight and Obesity.  Authors:Jauregibeitia, I., Portune, K., Rica, I., Tueros, I., Velasco, O., Grau, G., ... & Arranz, S.  (2020)

Prevalence and early‐life risk factors for tree nut sensitization and allergy in young adults.   Authors:vBager, J., Tedner, S. G., Andersson, N., Ballardini, N., Borres, M. P., Konradsen, J. R., ... & Asarnoj, A.  (2021)

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