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Almond oil: A comprehensive review of chemical composition, extraction methods, preservation conditions, potential health benefits, and safety.   Authors:Ouzir, M., Bernoussi, S. E., Tabyaoui, M., & Taghzouti, K.  (2021)

The Analysis of Phenolic Compounds in Walnut Husk and Pellicle by UPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS and HPLC.   Authors:Sheng, F., Hu, B., Jin, Q., Wang, J., Wu, C., & Luo, Z.  (2021)

Post-harvest industrial processes of almond (Prunus dulcis L. Mill) in Sicily influence the nutraceutical properties of by-products at harvest and during storage.  Authors:Caltagirone, C., Peano, C., & Sottile, F.  (2021)

Exhaustive valorization of cashew nut shell waste as a potential bioresource material.   Authors:Nyirenda, J., Zombe, K., Kalaba, G., Siabbamba, C., & Mukela, I.  (2021)

Potential Valorization of Hazelnut Shells through Extraction, Purification and Structural Characterization of Prebiotic Compounds: A Critical Review.  Authors:Fuso, A., Risso, D., Rosso, G., Rosso, F., Manini, F., Manera, I., & Caligiani, A.  (2021)

Detection and Comparison of Bioactive Compounds in Different Extracts of Two Hazelnut Skin Varieties, Tonda Gentile Romana and Tonda Di Giffoni, Using a Metabolomics Approach.   Authors:Lelli, V., Molinari, R., Merendino, N., & Timperio, A. M.  (2021)

Dataset for localization and classification of Medjool dates in digital images.   Authors:Pérez-Pérez, D. B., Salomón-Torres, R., & García-Vázquez, J. P.  (2021)

Contamination by Aflatoxins B/G in Food and Commodities Imported in Southern Italy from 2017 to 2020: A Risk-Based Evaluation.   Authors:Gallo, P., Imbimbo, S., Alvino, S., Castellano, V., Arace, O., Soprano, V., ... & Sansone, D.  (2021)

Impacts of Climate Change Interacting Abiotic Factors on Growth, aflD and aflR Gene Expression and Aflatoxin B1 Production by Aspergillus flavus Strains In Vitro and on Pistachio Nuts.  Authors:Baazeem, A., Rodriguez, A., Medina, A., & Magan, N.  (2021)

High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Use to Control Dried Apricot Pests, Tribolium castaneum and Rhyzopertha dominica, and Assessing the Qualitative Traits of Dried Pieces of Treated Apricot.   Authors:Sadeghi, R., Heidari, F., Ebadollahi, A., Azarikia, F., Jamshidnia, A., & Palla, F.  (2021)

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