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Industry Highlight: Cashews India

26 November, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
This Country Product Spotlight is the sixth in a series of industry and market overviews in the Nutfruit magazine. This report provides a snapshot of the cashew industry in India,...

Improved Cashew Varieties and Recommended Package of Practices

26 November, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
The cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) is well recognized as one of the major horticultural crops and major foreign exchange earning commodities in India. Today, cashew is being grown in 19...

Health Benefits of Cashews

26 November, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
Cashews are one the most beloved nuts around the world. Known for their creamy and tasty attributes, they also come with a wide range of health benefits that consumers should...

New Product Launches: Cashews

26 November, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
This section examines new products using cashews that have been recently released.

Barriers and Facilitators to Nut Consumption

22 November, 2021 Feature Articles
Nuts are a core food which are recommended to be eaten regularly. However, research suggests that, on average, we currently don’t eat enough nuts at levels linked with health benefits.

Fabrizio Fabbri, Sustainability Policy Manager, European Community of Consumer Co-Operatives (Euro Coop), Belgium)

19 November, 2021 A Chat with the Industry
"Coop Finland recently conducted a poll among their consumers and it showed that the top three concerns were plastic pollution, climate change, and biodiversity."

Siberian Pine Nut By-Products and Processed Products –a Valuable Source of Essential Nutrients

19 November, 2021 Feature Articles
The Russian pine nut market is a rapidly developing branch of the national agricultural economy, currently shifting towards the manufacture and export of top-quality organic derived products with an exceptional...

INC Interviews Two-Michelin Star Chef, Tim Raue

18 November, 2021 Gourmet
"We use almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and cashews all the time, as well as their oils."

6 Global Trends Accelerated During the Pandemic

17 November, 2021 Feature Articles
Consumer habits have been severely impacted since the pandemic started and consumer behavior adapted to the circumstances dictated by COVID-19 restrictions and vaccination rates across countries. 18 months after the...

Looking Towards the Future of Nuts and Dried Fruits, Exclusive Insights from the INC Executive Committee

16 November, 2021 Feature Articles
Since the global pandemic started, there have been a wide array of challenges facing the sector, however, the future of the industry still looks positive and the positioning of nuts...

New Product Launches: Prunes

26 July, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
This section examines new products using prunes that have been recently released.

Health Benefits of Prunes

26 July, 2021 Country Product Spotlight
Prunes offer consumers a tasty dried fruit option that comes with a range of health benefits. They are high in fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Start consuming these...
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