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Industry Highlight: Australian Macadamias

22 July, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
This Country Product Spotlight is the second in a series of industry and market overviews in the Nutfruit magazine. This report provides a snapshot of the Macadamia industry in Australia,...

The Australian Macadamia Industry’s Unique Contribution to Conservation

22 July, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
With large ongoing plantings of macadamias globally, it is important to remember that every tree had its origin in the Australian rainforest. Australia has a unique responsibility to both the...

Macadamias and Health

22 July, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
Macadamia nuts are valued for their subtle, buttery flavor, velvety-soft crunch texture and their oil profile, high in monounsaturated fats. Due to their versatility, macadamias are used as snacks or...

New Product Launches: Macadamias

22 July, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
This section examines new products using macadamias that have been recently released.

Current State of Hazelnut Cultivation in the Countries of Commonwealth of Independent States

21 July, 2020 Feature Articles
Hazelnuts are a wide-spread valuable species. This manuscript is devoted to the features of the hazelnut cultivation in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS countries) including a description...

Ensuring Nut-byproduct Antioxidants as Agents to Improve Modified Starch-based Film Properties

21 July, 2020 Feature Articles
Hazelnut and pecan byproducts are a great source of antioxidants such as phenolic compounds. The addition of antioxidants from nut-byproducts as agents to improve the properties of modified starch-based materials...

Five Hazelnut Cultivars from Oregon State University for the Kernel Market

21 July, 2020 Feature Articles
Hazelnut is an economically important tree nut for which demand currently exceeds supply. Plantings have expanded in many current production areas, and orchards have been established in areas new to...

Recent Advances in Digital Agriculture Based on Remote Sensing, Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence Applications

21 July, 2020 Feature Articles
Digital Agriculture deals with the implementation and integration of digital data, sensors and tools on agricultural applications from the paddock to consumers. These technologies can range from: big data, sensor...

INC Leadership Perspective on COVID-19

20 July, 2020 Feature Articles
The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes. As the world grapples with the severe implications of this novel virus for people’s health, it is undisputable that the world economy...

Malte Dammann, Chief Demand Officer for Ritter Sport

20 July, 2020 A Chat with the Industry
"I am convinced a trusted brand becomes in these days an even more important role in people’s lives."

INC talks with celebrity chef, Lidia Bastianich

20 July, 2020 Gourmet
"Nuts and Dried Fruits: Important in Sweet and Savory Dishes"

Industry Highlight: Turkish Sultana Raisins

25 March, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
This section provides an insight into the Turkish Sultana Raisin Industry. It comprises of data on production, consumption, and trade, as well as a look into the future prospects.
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