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Industry Highlight: Turkish Sultana Raisins

25 March, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
This section provides an insight into the Turkish Sultana Raisin Industry. It comprises of data on production, consumption, and trade, as well as a look into the future prospects.

Organic Raisin Production in Turkey

25 March, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
Organic agricultural activities started in Turkey in the mid-1980s in response to a growing demand in Europe. In 2018, 1.65% of the total cultivated land certified as organic was devoted...

Raisins and Health: Challenges and Opportunities

24 March, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
Dried fruits provide a concentrated form of fresh fruits due to their low moisture content. Raisins are obtained by dehydrating grapes, usually with sun exposure or tunnel drying[1]. Due to their...

New Product Launches: Raisins

24 March, 2020 Country Product Spotlight
This section examines new products using raisins that have been recently released.

The INC talks with Saransh Goila, founder of Goila Butter Chicken

17 March, 2020 Gourmet
"Nuts and dried fruits form a significant part of Indian cooking and pantry."

The Value of Disseminating the Health Benefits of Nuts

17 March, 2020 Feature Articles
Australia and the United Kingdom both consume large amounts of nuts, but in general, over the past decade, the Australian nut industry has enjoyed faster and more rapid growth. Through...

Innovative Procedure for Improving Walnut Preservation Through the Applications of Natural Edible Coatings

16 March, 2020 Feature Articles
Walnuts are highly susceptible to lipid deterioration. Methylcellulose coating helps to prolong the shelf-life of kernels. However, methylcellulose affects consumer acceptance. Walnut-flour coating is a natural, consumer-accepted and economically advantageous...

Almonds: A Functional Food for Skin Health and Aesthetics

16 March, 2020 Feature Articles
The “beauty from within” movement looks at how natural and nutrition-based approaches can influence the health of the skin. While there are surely many cosmetic treatments that range from lasers...

INC talks to Michelin Star Chef, Lionel Rigolet

5 December, 2019 Gourmet
Nuts and Dried Fruits : “Crunch and Originality”

Social Compliance in the Nut and Dried Fruit Industry

14 November, 2019 Feature Articles
The XXI century is defined, among other things, for society making an effort to try to leave a better planet for the next generations. It’s not only about recycling, reducing...

Joachim Mann and Christian Liebsch, Heads of Marketing and Purchasing at Seeberger

14 November, 2019 A Chat with the Industry
“Sustainability is very important for us, it’s our self-understanding, our philosophy.”

Taking the “Labor” out of Selecting a Third-Party “Labor”atory

13 November, 2019 Feature Articles
The need for a third-party laboratory is almost a must in today’s marketplace. If you are a food processor, you know that many customers buying food products, regulations, and most...
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