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08 October, 2020 Legal Update

Organic Production: October

Organic Production: October

Find out about the most recent organic production updates from the EU and consultation on organic production in the EU.

EU: Organic Production Consultation

The EU Commission has opened a public consultation about the action plan for the development of EU organic production.
Through the Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity strategies, published in May 2020, the Commission has committed to reach at least 25% of EU’s agricultural land under organic farming by 2030 and a significant increase in organic aquaculture, both to improve the sustainability of the food system and to revert biodiversity loss. To achieve this, the Commission proposed setting up an action plan to help Member States stimulate both supply and demand of organic products, ensure consumer’s trust through promotion activities and green public procurement, and respond to the challenges in reaching the target.
The objective of this public consultation is to collect and analyze the opinion and ideas of citizens, civil society, Member States authorities and concerned sectoral organizations on actions to be developed.
The deadline for submitting comments is November 27, 2020.
Organic farming - action plan for the development of EU organic production

EU: Organic Production

On September 18, 2020, the European Union notified the World Trade Organization of three Draft Commission Delegated Regulations amending or supplementing Regulation (EU) 2018/848.
The Draft Commission Delegated Regulation as regards the requirements for groups of operators and the model of certificate attesting compliance with the rules on organic production, lays down the provisions on groups of operators and amends the model of the certificate provided to operators or group of operators.

The Draft Commission Delegated Regulation on the specific criteria and conditions for the checks of documentary accounts in the framework of official controls in organic production and the official controls of groups of operators, will supplement the Regulation (EU) 2018/848 by laying down further rules on traceability and mass balance checks, as well as on specific controls on groups of operators.
The Draft Commission Implementing Regulation on controls and other measures ensuring traceability and compliance in organic production and the labeling of organic products lays down the rules for precautionary measures and investigation in case of suspicion of non-compliance due to the presence of non-authorized products and substance, labeling, group of operators, minimum additional controls, national catalogs of measures and exchange of information between different bodies and authorities for organics.

The deadline for comments is November 17, 2020. The proposed date of adoption is November 2020.
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