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13 October, 2021 Industry News

INC Pavilion Wraps up at Anuga 2021

INC Pavilion Wraps up at Anuga 2021

Read more about the INC's return to in-person events.

Anuga 2021 has come to a close and this INC Pavilion marked the first time that INC has taken part in an in-person event in over one and a half years. With an excellent high-traffic location in Hall 10.2, the 16 exhibiting companies were able to connect with old and new clients alike. The INC Pavilion provided an eye-catching design that attracted many participants to come and see what was happening. Despite not being able to host a cocktail event due to COVID-19 protocol, the social area of the INC Pavilion was very much alive and full of people networking, conducting business, and enjoying a one-stop-all place for the entire nut and dried fruit industry. 

As one of the world's largest food trade shows, Anuga 2021 proved that with correct preparation and protocol, in-person events can be held safely, providing companies with the much-desired interaction that comes with trade fairs. The INC would like to thank each and every one of the exhibitors that made the trip to Cologne Germany,

Thank you to our exhibitors for continuously supporting our wonderful industry!

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