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13 October, 2021 Industry News

Global Statistical Review, Walnuts

Global Statistical Review, Walnuts

Read about the latest updates about walnuts.

China Walnuts

An average crop is expected for all regions except Xinjiang, where a drop of 25% from last season is anticipated due to frost and hail incidence. Good quality is anticipated from Xinjiang, with more light color kernels available.
The price has been firm with an increase of nearly 40% above last year owing to strong demand from domestic and overseas markets. Due to the shipping freight rates, more loads are being rolled and ships delayed.

USA Walnuts

As per the 2021 USDA NASS California Walnut Objective Measurement Report, the crop is forecasted at 670,000 short tons in-shell basis (607,810 MT), down 15% from 2020's record production. The forecast is based on 385,000 bearing acres (155,800 hectares), up 1% from the prior year.
As reported by the California Walnut Board and Commission, frost damage in late fall of 2020, intensified by the state’s drought conditions, delayed leaf out and reduced nut set. However, chilling hours were up from the prior year, the percent of sound kernels in-shell was 99.5% and average weight and size were on par with the previous season. Overall, market demand remains strong.

Chile Walnuts

According to Chilenut, the 2021 crop has shown a weather-related drop of 8% from the initial estimate, standing at approximately 150,000 MT.
Export commitments up to August 31, 2021, were over 91% of the crop, one month ahead compared to 2020. With a deficit of 17,000 MT, due to the lack of containers and vessels, Chile will have to maintain higher export levels in the last months of the year to fulfill all commitments.
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