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The Past Editions of the Executive Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits

2019 · 2018

The second edition of the INC Academia, Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits, closed on May 21, 2019, with a total of 51 students from 25 countries. With this success, the INC Academia continues to grow as the educational program for food industry professionals to learn about the basics of the nut and dried fruit business.

The 2019 Program combined online lessons, with readings, tutorial videos and self-assessment tests, with an intensive three-day on-site experience, which took place in California.

Students visited the pistachio orchards of Strain Ranches, the almonds orchards of Chamisal Creek Ranch and Vann Family Orchards, and the walnuts orchards of Carriere Family Farms. They also had the opportunity to visit several processing plants: Carriere Family Farms (walnuts), Vann Family Orchards (almonds), Yolo Hulling & Shelling (almonds), and Mariani Packing (dried fruits), as well as the Innovation Center of Blue Diamond Growers.



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