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22 September, 2021 Health News

Study Shows Nut Consumption Doesn’t Lead to Weight Gain

Study Shows Nut Consumption Doesn’t Lead to Weight Gain

New study shows no connection between nuts and weight gain.

Nuts are often mentioned as a healthy food option, however, there is some confusion about their role in weight management given their high energy density. A recent study published in Obesity Reviews, the highest-ranked journal in the field of obesity, explores just how nut consumption is related to weight management.

The researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohorts and randomized controlled trials (RCTs). In total, 6 cohorts with 569,910 participants and 86 RCTs with 5,873 participants from MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Cochrane were included in this study. Through analysis, the authors found that nut consumption was associated with a lower incidence of overweight/obesity in the prospective cohorts. Moreover, the analysis of the RCTs showed that nuts had no adverse effect on body weight. Using meta-regression, the results showed that higher nut consumption was associated with decreases in body weight and body fat.

According to the results of this study, the authors conclude that the current evidence shows that nut consumption of the recommended 30-45 grams per day is not associated with increased adiposity measures and the concern that nut intake will lead to weight gain is unwarranted.

Nishi, S. K., Viguiliouk, E., Blanco Mejia, S., Kendall, C. W., Bazinet, R. P., Hanley, A. J., ... & Sievenpiper, J. L. (2021). Are fatty nuts a weighty concern? A systematic review and meta‐analysis and dose–response meta‐regression of prospective cohorts and randomized controlled trials. Obesity Reviews, e13330.
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