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Impact of pulsed electric field treatment on drying kinetics, mass transfer, colour parameters and microstructure of plum.  Authors:Rahaman, A., Siddeeg, A., Manzoor, M. F., Zeng, X. A., Ali, S., Baloch, Z., ... & Wen, Q. H.  (2019)

Comprehensive comparison of multiple quantitative near‐infrared spectroscopy models for Aspergillus flavus contamination detection in peanut.   Authors:Zhengxuan, L., Xiuying, T., Zhixiong, S., Kefei, Y., Lingjuan, Z., & Yanlei, L.  (2019)

Impact of roasting and extraction methods on chemical properties, oxidative stability and Maillard reaction products of peanut oils.   Authors:Suri, K., Singh, B., Kaur, A., & Singh, N.  (2019)

The effects of different packaging materials, temperatures and water activities to control aflatoxin B1 production by Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus in stored peanuts.   Authors:John, J. M., Jinap, S., Hanani, Z. A. N., Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R., & Samsudin, N. I. P.  (2019)

Plant Specialized Metabolites in Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) Kernel and Byproducts: An Update on Chemistry, Biological Activity, and Analytical Aspects.  Authors:Bottone, A., Cerulli, A., DʼUrso, G., Masullo, M., Montoro, P., Napolitano, A., Piacente, S.  (2019)

Validation of Enterococcus faecium as a surrogate for Salmonella under different processing conditions for peanuts and pecans.   Authors:Brar, P. K., & Danyluk, M. D.  (2019)

Genetic diversity and structure in the northern populations of European hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.).   Authors:Tanhuanpää, P., Heinonen, M., Bitz, L., & Rokka, V. M.  (2019)

Almond Consumption and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.  Authors:Lee-Bravatti, M.A., Wang, J., Avendano, E.E., King, L., Johnson, E.J., Raman, G.  (2019)

Peanut allergy and oral immunotherapy.  Authors:Lee, T. H., Chan, J. K., Lau, P. C., Luk, W. P., & Fung, L. H.  (2019)

Identification of a natural ligand of the hazel allergen Cor a 1.   Authors:Jacob, T., von Loetzen, C. S., Reuter, A., Lacher, U., Schiller, D., Schobert, R., ... & Wöhrl, B. M.  (2019)

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