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Climate risk to peanut cultivation in Brazil across different planting seasons  Authors:Aparecido, L., Lorençone, J. A., Lorençone, P. A., de Meneses, K. C., & Moraes, J.  (2022)

First report of Alternaria alternata causing fruit rot on Fig (Ficus carica) in Pakistan  Authors:Alam, M. W., Malik, A., Rehman, A., Sarwar, M., Muhammad, S., Alsamadany, H., Alzahrani, Y., & Ahmed, Z.  (2021)

Sugarcane/peanut intercropping system improves physicochemical properties by changing N and P cycling and organic matter turnover in root zone soil  Authors:Tang, X., Zhang, Y., Jiang, J., Meng, X., Huang, Z., Wu, H., He, L., Xiong, F., Liu, J., Zhong, R., Han, Z., & Tang, R.  (2021)

Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Two Commercial Insecticides on Egg Parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) of Green Stink Bugs (Hem: Pentatomidae)  Authors:Ranjbar, F., Reitz, S., Jalali, M. A., Ziaaddini, M., & Izadi, H.  (2021)

First report of Erysiphe corylacearum, agent of powdery mildew, on hazelnut ( Corylus avellana) in Romania  Authors:Rosati, M., Bogoescu, M., & Spadaro, D.  (2021)

Nutshells as Efficient Biosorbents to Remove Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury from Contaminated Solutions  Authors:Dias, M., Pinto, J., Henriques, B., Figueira, P., Fabre, E., Tavares, D., Vale, C., & Pereira, E.  (2021)

Evaluation of Sticky Traps for Monitoring Scolothrips sexmaculatus (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) and Stethorus punctum (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) as Predators of Spider Mites in California Almonds  Authors:Haviland, D. R., Rill, S. M., & Gordon, C. A.  (2021)

Evaluation of pruning wound protection products for the management of almond canker diseases in California  Authors:Holland, L. A., Travadon, R., Lawrence, D. P., Nouri, M. T., & Trouillas, F. P.  (2021)

Phosphorus fertilization induces nectar secretion for honeybee visitations and cross-pollination of almond trees  Authors:Karunakaran, R., Yermiyahu, U., Dag, A., & Sperling, O.  (2021)

Tractor Speed and Spray Application Volume in Tall Pecan Trees: Effect on Spray Coverage at Different Heights in the Canopy  Authors:Bock, C., & Hotchkiss, M. W.  (2021)

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