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Almond shell as a microporous carbon source for sustainable cathodes in lithium–sulfur batteries.  Authors:Benítez, A., González-Tejero, M., Caballero, Á., & Morales, J.  (2018)

Valorisation of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Phenolics in the Synthesis of UV Absorbers.  Authors:Ngwira, K., Kühlborn, J., Mgani, Q., de Koning, C., & Opatz, T.  (2019)

Peanut allergen reduction and functional property improvement by means of enzymatic hydrolysis and transglutaminase crosslinking.   Authors:Meng, S., Tan, Y., Chang, S., Li, J., Maleki, S., & Puppala, N.  (2020)

Quantitative and kinetic analyses of peanut allergens as affected by food processing.  Authors:Meng, S., Li, J., Chang, S., & Maleki, S. J.  (2019)

Fatty acid bioaccessibility and structural breakdown from in vitro digestion of almond particles.   Authors:Swackhamer, C., Zhang, Z., Taha, A. Y., & Bornhorst, G. M.  (2019)

Health Benefits of Nut Consumption in Middle-Aged and Elderly Population.  Authors:Rusu, M. E., Mocan, A., Ferreira, I. C., & Popa, D. S.  (2019)

Adipocyte metabolism is improved by TNF receptor-targeting small RNAs identified from dried nuts.   Authors:Aquilano K., Ceci V., Gismondi A., De Stefano S., Iacovelli F., Faraonio R., …& Lettieri-Barbato D.  (2019)

Consumption of Brazil nuts with high selenium levels increased inflammation biomarkers in obese women: A randomized controlled trial.   Authors:Duarte, G. B. S., Reis, B. Z., Rogero, M. M., Vargas-Mendez, E., Júnior, F. B., Cercato, C., & Cozzolino, S. M. F.  (2019)

A Hazelnut-Enriched Diet Modulates Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Gene Expression without Weight Gain.   Authors:Di Renzo, L., Cioccoloni, G., Bernardini, S., Abenavoli, L., Aiello, V., Marchetti, M., ... & Gratteri, S.  (2019)

Investigating the Prevalence of Sleep Disorder and the Impact of Sweet Almond on the Quality of Sleep in Students of Tehran, Iran.   Authors:Ghafarzadeh, J., Sadeghniiat-Haghighi, K., Sadeghpour, O., Akbarpour, S., & Amini-Behbahani, F.  (2019)

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