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Electrochemical and optical biosensing platforms for the immunorecognition of hazelnut Cor a 14 allergen  Authors:Costa, R., Costa, J., Sagastizábal, I., Brandão, A. T., Moreira, P., Mafra, I., ... & Pereira, C. M.  (2021)

Unusual and Unexpected Allergic Reactions Can Be Unraveled by Molecular Allergy Diagnostics  Authors:Konradsen, J. R., Borres, M. P., & Nilsson, C.  (2021)

Peanut and hazelnut occurrence as allergens in foodstuffs with precautionary allergen labeling in Canada.   Authors:Manny, E., La Vieille, S., Barrere, V., Théolier, J., & Godefroy, S. B.  (2021)

Perspective: Plant-Based Eating Pattern for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Treatment: Efficacy, Mechanisms, and Practical Considerations  Authors:Jardine, M. A., Kahleova, H., Levin, S. M., Ali, Z., Trapp, C. B., & Barnard, N. D.  (2021)

Dietary vitamin D intake and colorectal cancer risk: a longitudinal approach within the PREDIMED study.  Authors:Hernández-Alonso, P., Canudas, S., Boughanem, H., Toledo, E., Sorlí, J. V., Estruch, R., ... & Salas-Salvadó, J.  (2021)

Genetically-determined variations of SELENOP are associated with antioxidant, muscular, and lipid biomarkers in response to Brazil nut consumption by patients using statins.  Authors:Watanabe, L. M., Bueno, A. C., de Lima, L. F., Ferraz-Bannitz, R., Dessordi, R., Guimarães, M. P., ... & Navarro, A. M.  (2021)

Minimal changes in telomere length after a 12-week dietary intervention with almonds in mid-age to older, overweight, and obese Australians: Results of a randomised clinical trial.   Authors:Ward, S. J., Hill, A. M., Buckley, J. D., Banks, S., Dhillon, V. S., Holman, S. L., ... & Coates, A. M.  (2021)

Effect on gut microbiota of a 1-y lifestyle intervention with Mediterranean diet compared with energy-reduced Mediterranean diet and physical activity promotion: PREDIMED-Plus Study.   Authors:Muralidharan, J., Moreno-Indias, I., Bulló, M., Lopez, J. V., Corella, D., Castañer, O., ... & Tinahones, F. J.  (2021)

Fat regulatory mechanisms of pine nut oil based on protein interaction network analysis  Authors:Jin, S. C., Kim, M. H., Nam, Y. K., & Yang, W. M.  (2021)

Health Benefits Related to Tree Nut Consumption and Their Bioactive Compounds  Authors:Gervasi T., Barreca D., Laganà G., Mandalari G.  (2021)

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