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A Web-Based Health Application to Translate Nutrition Therapy for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Primary Care ( Quality Improvement and Usability Testing Study  Authors:Kavanagh, M. E., Chiavaroli, L., Glenn, A. J., Heijmans, G., Grant, S. M., Chow, C. M., Josse, R. G., Malik, V. S., Watson, W., Lofters, A., Holmes, C., Rackal, J., Srichaikul, K., Sherifali, D., Snelgrove-Clarke, E., Udell, J. A., Juni, P., Booth, G. L.,  (2022)

Ana o 3 sIgE and diagnostic algorithms reduce cost of cashew allergy diagnosis in children compared with skin prick test: A cost comparison analysis. Pediatric allergy and immunology   Authors:Brettig, T., Dalziel, K., Koplin, J. J., Dang, T., Lange, L., McWilliam, V., Sato, S., Savvatianos, S., & Perrett, K. P.  (2022)

The Content of Phenolic Compounds and Mineral Elements in Edible Nuts.   Authors:Woźniak, M., Waśkiewicz, A., & Ratajczak, I.  (2022)

Why Should Pistachio Be a Regular Food in Our Diet?  Authors:Mateos, R., Salvador, M. D., Fregapane, G., & Goya, L.  (2022)

Walnut Intake Interventions Targeting Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome and Inflammation in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.  Authors:Mateș, L., Popa, D. S., Rusu, M. E., Fizeșan, I., & Leucuța, D.  (2022)

Association between nut consumption and cancer risk: a meta-analysis.  Authors:Cao, C., Gan, X., He, Y., Nong, S., Su, Y., Liu, Z., Zhang, Y., Hu, X., & Peng, X.  (2022)

Consumption of Nuts and Seeds and Health Outcomes Including Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Metabolic Disease, Cancer, and Mortality: an Umbrella Review.   Authors:Balakrishna, R., Bjørnerud, T., Bemanian, M., Aune, D., & Fadnes, L. T.  (2022)

Dried Plum’s Polyphenolic Compounds and Carbohydrates Contribute to Its Osteoprotective Effects and Exhibit Prebiotic Activity in Estrogen Deficient C57BL/6 Mice.   Authors:Smith BJ, Hatter B, Washburn K, Graef-Downard J, Ojo BA, El-Rassi GD, Cichewicz RH, Payton M, Lucas EA.  (2022)

Nut Consumption and Effects on Chronic Kidney Disease and Mortality in the United States.  Authors:Wang, K., Qian, D., Hu, Y., Cheng, Y., Ge, S., & Yao, Y.  (2022)

Prunes preserve hip bone mineral density in a 12-month randomized controlled trial in postmenopausal women: the Prune Study  Authors: De Souza, M. J., Strock, N., Williams, N. I., Lee, H., Koltun, K. J., Rogers, C., Ferruzzi, M. G., Nakatsu, C. H., & Weaver, C.  (2022)

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