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Effect of Acclimatization in Elevated CO2 on Growth and Aflatoxin B1 Production by Aspergillus flavus Strains on Pistachio Nuts.   Authors:Baazeem, A., Medina, A., & Magan, N.  (2021)

Geographic information system-assisted site quality assessment for hazelnut cultivation using multi-criteria decision analysis in the Black Sea region, Turkey.  Authors:Tercan, E., Dengiz, O., Özkan, B., Dereli, M. A., & Öztekin, Y. B.  (2022)

Expected global suitability of coffee, cashew and avocado due to climate change  Authors:Grüter R, Trachsel T, Laube P, Jaisli I  (2022)

Postharvest processing of tree nuts: Current status and future prospects-A comprehensive review  Authors:Chen, C., & Pan, Z.  (2022)

Cashew Apples in Ghana: Stakeholders' Knowledge, Perception, and Utilization.   Authors:Akyereko, Y. G., Wireko-Manu, F. D., Alemawor, F., & Adzanyo, M.  (2022)

Agronomical and Physiological Behavior of Spanish Hazelnut Selection "Negret-N9" Grafted on Non-suckering Rootstocks  Authors:Rovira, M., Hermoso, J. F., Rufat, J., Cristofori, V., Silvestri, C., & Romero, A.  (2022)

Metabolite Profiling and Transcriptome Analyses Provide Insight Into Phenolic and Flavonoid Biosynthesis in the Nutshell of Macadamia Ternifolia  Authors:Shi, R., Tao, L., Tu, X., Zhang, C., Xiong, Z., Rami Horowitz, A., Asher, J. B., He, J., & Hu, F.  (2022)

Evaluation of fungal hazards associated with dried fig processing  Authors:Galván, A. I., de Guía Córdoba, M., Rodríguez, A., Martín, A., López-Corrales, M., Ruiz-Moyano, S., & Serradilla, M. J.  (2022)

Determination of Mycotoxins in Dried Fruits Using LC-MS/MS-A Sample Homogeneity, Troubleshooting and Confirmation of Identity Study.   Authors:Zhang, K., Tan, S., & Xu, D.  (2022)

Impact of α-Linolenic Acid, the Vegetable ω-3 Fatty Acid, on Cardiovascular Disease and Cognition  Authors:Sala-Vila, A., Fleming, J., Kris-Etherton, P., & Ros, E.  (2022)

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