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Characteristics of patients diagnosed as non-allergic following food allergy oral immunotherapy referral.  Authors:Koren, Y., Nachshon, L., Goldberg, M. R., Levy, M. B., Epstein-Rigbi, N., & Elizur, A.  (2022)

Proteomic Analysis of Oil-Roasted Cashews Using a Customized Allergen-Focused Protein Database.   Authors:Chen, S., & Downs, M. L  (2022)

Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of tree nut and seed allergy.  Authors:Labrosse, R., Graham, F., & Caubet, J. C.  (2022)

Tree Nut-Induced Anaphylaxis in Canadian Emergency Departments: Rate, Clinical Characteristics and Management.  Authors:Ducharme, L., Gabrielli, S., Clarke, A. E., Morris, J., Gravel, J., Lim, R., Chan, E. S., Goldman, R. D., O'Keefe, A., Gerdts, J., Chu, D. K., Upton, J., Hochstadter, E., Bretholz, A., McCusker, C., Zhang, X., & Ben-Shoshan, M.  (2022)

Effects of Baru Almond Oil (Dipteryx alata Vog.) Treatment on Thrombotic Processes, Platelet Aggregation, and Vascular Function in Aorta Arteries.  Authors:Silva-Luis, C. C., de Brito Alves, J. L., de Oliveira, J., de Sousa Luis, J. A., Araújo, I., Tavares, J. F., do Nascimento, Y. M., Bezerra, L. S., Araújo de Azevedo, F., Sobral, M. V., Mangueira, V. M., de Medeiros, I. A., & Veras, R. C.  (2022)

Almond and date fruits enhance antioxidant status and have erectogenic effect: Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies.   Authors:Adebayo, A. A., Oboh, G., & Ademosun, A. O.  (2022)

The Impact of Daily Walnuts Consumption and Lifestyle Changes on Dyslipidemia.   Authors:Shivakumara, C. S., Sunil, L., Satish, A., & Devi, C. U.  (2022)

Synergistic Interactions between Tocol and Phenolic Extracts from Different Tree Nut Species against Human Cancer Cell Lines.  Authors:Stevens-Barrón, J. C., Wall-Medrano, A., Álvarez-Parrilla, E., Olivas-Armendáriz, I., Astiazaran-García, H., Robles-Zepeda, R. E., & De la Rosa, L. A.  (2022)

Types and Aspects of Front-of-Package Labeling Preferred by Parents: Insights for Policy Making in China.  Authors:Cui J, Yan R, Astell-Burt T, Gong E, Zheng L, Li X, Zhang J, Xiang L, Ye L, Hu Y, Tang Y, Gao C, Xiao L, Jiang Y, Shao R, Feng X, Zhang J, Yang Y.  (2022)

Presence of activated carbon particles from waste walnut shell as a biosorbent in monoethanolamine (MEA) solution to enhance carbon dioxide absorption  Authors:Khoshraftar, Z., & Ghaemi, A.  (2022)

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