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Activated Carbon from Palm Date Seeds for CO2 Capture.  Authors:Alazmi, A., Nicolae, S. A., Modugno, P., Hasanov, B. E., Titirici, M. M., & Costa, P.  (2021)

Establishing a Reference Baseline for Midday Stem Water Potential in Olive and Its Use for Plant-Based Irrigation Management.  Authors:Shackel, K., Moriana, A., Marino, G., Corell, M., Pérez-López, D., Martin-Palomo, M. J., Caruso, T., Marra, F. P., Agüero Alcaras, L. M., Milliron, L., Rosecrance, R., Fulton, A., & Searles, P.  (2021)

Effect of thermal annealing and filler ball-milling on the properties of highly filled polylactic acid/pecan (Carya illinoinensis) nutshell biocomposites.   Authors:Agustin-Salazar, S., Ricciulli, M., Ambrogi, V., Cerruti, P., & Scarinzi, G.  (2022)

Mapping the Genetic Regions Responsible for Key Phenology-Related Traits in the European Hazelnut.   Authors:Valentini, N., Portis, E., Botta, R., Acquadro, A., Pavese, V., Cavalet Giorsa, E., & Torello Marinoni, D.  (2021)

Development of Sustainable Chemistry in Madagascar: Example of the Valuation of CNSL and the Use of Chromones as an Attractant for Mosquitoes  Authors:Ranarijaona, M. M., Rambala Rakotomena, N., Andrianjafy, M. T., Ramiharimanana, F. D., Herinirina, L. C., Ramarosandratana, N. H., Briou, B., Fajardie, P., Mavingui, P., Métay, E., Ramanandraibe, V. V., & Lemaire, M.  (2021)

Characterization and expression analysis of the SPL gene family during floral development and abiotic stress in pecan (Carya illinoinensis).  Authors:Wang, M., Mo, Z., Lin, R., & Zhu, C.  (2021)

Combined Transcriptome and Lipidomic Analyses of Lipid Biosynthesis in Macadamia ternifolia Nuts  Authors:Shi, R., Bai, H., Li, B., Liu, C., Ying, Z., Xiong, Z., & Wang, W.  (2021)

Discovery of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Resistance to Abnormal Vertical Growth in Macadamia  Authors:Zakeel, M., Alam, M., Geering, A., Topp, B., & Akinsanmi, O. A.  (2021)

Chromosome-Level Genome Assembly and HazelOmics Database Construction Provides Insights Into Unsaturated Fatty Acid Synthesis and Cold Resistance in Hazelnut (Corylus heterophylla)  Authors:Liu, J., Wei, H., Zhang, X., He, H., Cheng, Y., & Wang, D.  (2021)

Susceptibility of Some Corylus avellana L. Cultivars to Xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina.  Authors:Webber, J. B., Wada, S., Stockwell, V. O., & Wiman, N. G.  (2021)

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