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Vitis vinifera L. Grape Skin Extract Prevents Development of Hypertension and Altered Lipid Profile in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats: Role of Oxidative Stress.   Authors:da Costa, G. F., Ognibene, D. T., da Costa, C. A., Teixeira, M. T., Cordeiro, V., de Bem, G. F., Moura, A. S., Resende, A. C., & de Moura, R. S.  (2020)

In vitro activity and formulation of a flavonoid-containing cashew pulp extract for the topical treatment of acne and the protection of skin against premature aging.   Authors:Cefali, L. C., Vazquez, C., Ataide, J. A., Figueiredo, M. C., Ruiz, A., Foglio, M. A., Lancellotti, M., & Mazzola, P. G.  (2020)

Chemical Composition, Total Phenols and Flavonoids Contents and Antioxidant Activity as Nutritive Potential of Roasted Hazelnut Skins (Corylus avellana L.).   Authors:Ivanović, S., Avramović, N., Dojčinović, B., Trifunović, S., Novaković, M., Tešević, V., & Mandić, B.  (2020)

In Vitro and In Vivo Anticancer Activity of the Most Cytotoxic Fraction of Pistachio Hull Extract in Breast Cancer.   Authors:Seifaddinipour, M., Farghadani, R., Namvar, F., Bin Mohamad, J., & Muhamad, N. A.  (2020)

Regular Intake of Pistachio Mitigates the Deleterious Effects of a High Fat-Diet in the Brain of Obese Mice.  Authors:Nuzzo, D., Galizzi, G., Amato, A., Terzo, S., Picone, P., Cristaldi, L., Mulè, F., & Di Carlo, M.  (2020)

Daily almond consumption in cardiovascular disease prevention via LDL-C change in the U.S. population: a cost-effectiveness analysis.   Authors:Wang, J., Lee Bravatti, M. A., Johnson, E. J., & Raman, G.  (2020)

Raw and roasted pistachio nuts (Pistacia vera L) are "Good" sources of protein based on their digestible indispensable amino acid score (DIAAS) as determined in pigs.   Authors:Bailey, H. M., & Stein, H. H.  (2020)

Effect of a 12-Week Almond-Enriched Diet on Biomarkers of Cognitive Performance, Mood, and Cardiometabolic Health in Older Overweight Adults.   Authors:Coates, A.M.; Morgillo, S.; Yandell, C.; Scholey, A.; Buckley, J.D.; Dyer, K.A.; Hill, A.M.  (2020)

Algal Biodiesel Production with Engineered Biochar as a Heterogeneous Solid Acid Catalyst.   Authors:Behera, B., Dey, B., & Balasubramanian, P.  (2020)

Pistachio Shell-Derived Carbon Activated with Phosphoric Acid: A More Efficient Procedure to Improve the Performance of Li–S Batteries.   Authors:Benítez, A., Morales, J., & Caballero, Á.  (2020)

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