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29 September, 2017 Legal Update

USA: MRLs Tolerance and Tolerance Exemption Actions

USA: MRLs Tolerance and Tolerance Exemption Actions

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to revoke, modify and/or revise certain tolerances for Aluminum tris (O-ethylphosphonate), Carbon disulfide, p-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid, Cyromazine, Dichlobenil, et al.

As regards nuts and dried fruits, EPA is proposing the following:
  • To revoke the tolerances for residues of carbon disulfide from the application of sodium tetrathiocarbonate on almond; of dichlobenil on fruit, stone, group 12 at 0.15 ppm; and of oxydemeton-methyl on hazelnut and walnut.
  • To list existing tolerances for cranberry and hazelnut at 0.10 ppm.
  • To establish a tolerance for isoxaben residues in or on nut, tree, group 14-12 at 0.02 ppm (revoking the existing tolerances for nut, tree, group 14 at 0.02 ppm and pistachio at 0.02 ppm).
The deadline for comments is November 7, 2017.
Federal Register Vol. 82, No. 173. Friday, September 8, 2017. Pages 42531-42539
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