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17 October, 2017 Industry News

The INC Pavilion Promotes Nuts and Dried Fruits at Anuga

The INC Pavilion Promotes Nuts and Dried Fruits at Anuga

20 Companies Joined the Pavilion and Showcased their Products and Services at the World’s Largest Food and Hospitality Show

A new edition of Anuga, the world’s largest food and hospitality show, took place from October 7-11 in Cologne (Germany). With an average of over 160,000 visitors and around 7,000 exhibiting companies, Anuga represents an unparalleled trading hub for the nut and dried fruit industry. For that reason, the INC Pavilion has participated consecutively in the past three editions (2011, 2013 and 2015) of the show.

This was the sixth edition of the Pavilion in Europe: the 320-square-meter structure was placed at a premium location in the Fine Foods Hall, hosting a total of 20 companies. Exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their products and services in front of thousands of industry leaders, buyers, traders, importers and exporters.

As in previous editions, not only at Anuga but also at Sial-Paris and GulFood-Dubai, the INC Pavilion was a huge draw for attendees. Thanks to its enviable location, it welcomed a heavy and continuous flow of visitors, making it into a vivid and lively space to do business and network with top industry leaders. The hospitality area played host to a succession of meetings, delegates coming and going and industry representatives dealing with prospective customers. Hundreds of coffees were served at the bar and dozens of meetings took place at the 2 dedicated meeting rooms.

Particularly successful and well-attended was the Welcome Cocktail, held on Sunday October 8 and sponsored by Minerva Commodities, which allowed attendees to interact in a different and relaxed atmosphere.

Moreover, the Pavilion’s internationality is also worth stressing: 14 different countries (Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, UK and USA) were represented among its co-exhibitors. Several languages, cultures and religions coexisted for 5 days, reinforcing the global umbrella which INC represents to the entire nut and dried fruit industry across the globe.

Relax and Networking During the Welcome Cocktail
The activity, liveliness and flow of visitors at the INC Pavilion was intense and constant throughout the 5 days of Anuga. However, the Welcome Cocktail stood out as a remarkable moment: sponsored by Minerva Commodities, the event gathered dozens of attendees who enjoyed a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere accompanied by champagne, canapés and a premium selection of nuts and dried fruits. The cocktail reception drew significant traffic to the Pavilion, where lots of informal meetings and reunions with old friends and business partners took place.
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