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14 May, 2018 Industry News

Nuts for a Healthier World to Be Presented in Sevilla

Nuts for a Healthier World to Be Presented in Sevilla

The campaign includes the launch of a series of emotional videos promoting the sector in connection with a solidarity project

The Nuts for a Healthier World campaign is to be presented at the World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in Sevilla and includes the launch of a main video and 16 videos in connection with each of the nuts and dried fruits. The videos are also linked to a solidarity project and aim at promoting the industry while contributing to a healthier and fairer world.
The 16 videos are represented by 22 characters from different nationalities who will present their country’s Nut & Dried Fruit mix and highlight the product’s health benefits. Beforehand, they will introduce themselves and offer information about their daily life too. A  bag of Nut & Dried Fruit mix will be donated whenever a video is shared on social media. The campaign’s goal is therefore to easily become viral while engaging with users and boosting participation on social networks.
The Nut & Dried Fruit mix is meant to be a symbolic contribution of 30 grams which will be donated to people in need. The amount is in fact the recommended daily serving of nuts per day. The items’ delivery is to be channelled through an NGO and thus the donation will be disseminated through a joint strategy including both the NGO’s and INC’s communication tools with the objective to raise the campaign’s profile, increase awareness and engagement while attracting traffic to the website. The videos are the campaign’s core element and will be adapted to the singularities of each social media network in terms of format and content.
INC’s starting goal is to reach at least 1,000 kgs in donations. Members are welcomed to join the initiative by making a donation of a certain amount of nuts and dried fruits. In return, donor companies will be awarded with either a Bronze, Silver or Gold sponsorship recognition and a series of benefits, depending on the size of their contribution.

The Bronze recognition is for donations of over 50 kgs. INC members will receive in return the chance to insert their logo on INC booth & INC publications: magazine, website and newsletter. The Silver recognition is for companies that contributed with a donation of over 150 kg of nuts and dried fruits. In that case they will enjoy the same benefits as in the Bronze category plus a free delegate registration for the next INC Congress in Boca Raton. The Gold recognition is for members who have generously donated more than 300 Kg. The award includes the same advantages as in the Silver category plus a free accompanying person registration for the Boca Raton Congress.

In addition, INC members will be offered as well the “Nuts for a Healthier World Stamp” which they can include in their packaging and communications tools.


Along with the videos, the campaign will also be supported by the hashtag #NutsForAHealthierWorld to be present on social media conversations and used as a monitoring tool. Global Influencers –celebrities, healthy and lifestyle, foodies, DIY–, bloggers and mass media will also help boost the campaign and promote its dissemination.
Finally, INC members will be able to share content at a bespoke interactive stand to be displayed in Sevilla, SIAL-Paris and Gulfood Dubai, and at two other professional health events this year.

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