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20 March, 2018 A Chat with the Industry

Emma Grennall, Nut Sourcing Global Manager at Mondelēz International

Emma Grennall, Nut Sourcing Global Manager at Mondelēz International

Health and Wellbeing are Big Drivers of Today’s Consumer Trends

Emma Grennall has been the Nut Sourcing Global Manager at Mondelēz International since May 2017. She previously acted as Procurement Manager of Hazelnuts & Almonds (2015-2017) and as Senior Scientist in the same company (2012-2015). Before that, Grennall was Process Engineer & Engineering Manager at Cadbury Trebor Bassett, and Senior Chemical Engineer at Robinson Brothers Ltd. She obtained her Bachelor of Engineering with Honours at Teesside University (Middlesbrough, UK).

What is the role of nuts and dried fruits in Mondelēz’s business? 
We use them in most of our product ranges: we include hazelnuts, almonds and dried fruits to give variety to our consumers and have done so for many years.

Are they present in many of the products? 
We have a broad range of inclusions in our products and nuts play a part in that, both on their own and as speciality inclusions such as caramelized and salted. 

What exactly does a “Nut Sourcing Global Manager” do?  
I am responsible for the relationship with our suppliers and the purchasing of hazelnuts and almonds on a global scale for all the Mondelēz factories, both in chocolate and biscuit manufacturing. I coordinate with the factories to ensure they get their deliveries at the correct time and to the best quality. I also work closely with our Research and Development team to ensure our specifications adhere to the latest legislation and are fully compliant to our needs. I advise on our sustainability program and how we integrate the nuts portfolio into this -watch this space as we look to introduce this in 2018!

What are the current consumer trends driving it? 
Health and wellbeing is a big driver today. We want to meet consumers’ taste expectations by providing products that create moments of mindful snacking.

What can we expect in the future?
As we look ahead towards 2020, we see an opportunity to build upon our achievements and evolve our portfolio to meet consumers’ growing expectations for snacks that offer good nutrition.

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What are the challenges for the industry? 
We depend on nuts supplied from different parts of the world, so weather conditions can potentially cause sourcing issues. Also, an increase in demand globally and how we source responsibly will be the main factors we consider in the future. 

What do you think consumers value most about nuts and dried fruits? 
Due to the positive marketing and education from organizations such as the Almond Board of California and the INC, to name but two, the shift in consumer awareness of mindful snacking and the value of using nuts and dried fruits seems to be on the increase.

Do you think people still think that nuts and dried fruits are “fattening” foods?
No, I think consumers are much more clued up and understand that nuts contain good fats, they provide nutrients we need and are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

What is the main area where you expect nuts and dried fruits to play a more significant role in the future: healthy food, confectionery, snacking…?
Independent research shows that nuts and dried fruits are increasing in preference for healthy snacking and at Mondelēz our goal is to be a global leader in wellbeing snacks. Helping people enjoy the snacks they love and stay in balance is our primary mission, so including these ingredients gives consumers small moments of joy!

Specifically, hazelnuts and almonds are expected to play a significant role in the near future. 
Yes. Hazelnuts and almonds have a big part to play in our portfolio and we are always on the lookout for great, innovative products and what the consumer desires. 

Are there any particular nuts or dried fruits that have a specific potential?
Not really, we try to give a varied range to our consumers to reach different people -some love the tablets with just hazelnuts but some like the variation of a fruit and a nut together, so we try to provide a choice.
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