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Commission Regulation (EC) No 446/2009 of 14 May 2009 concerning the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature (2009)

Joint FAO/WHO Pesticide Residues in Food Report 2008 (2009)

OECD Interpretive Brochure for Inshell Hazelnuts (2009)

EFSA Scientific Opinion: Effects on public health of an increase of the levels for aflatoxin total from 4 µg/kg to 10 µg/kg for tree nuts other than almonds; hazelnuts and pistachios (2009)

Commission Regulation (EC) No 669/2009 of 24 July 2009 implementing Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the increased level of official controls on imports of certain feed and food of non-animal origin and (2009)

US Walnuts Grown in California; Order Amending Marketing Order No. 984; Correcting Amendment. Federal Register / Vol. 74; No. 77 / Thursday; April 23; 2009 (2009)

Commission Regulation (EC) No 256/2009 of 23 March 2009 amending Annexes II and III to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards maximum residue levels for azoxystrobin and fludioxonil in or on certain products (2009)

EFSA Scientific Opinion on Cadmium in Food. Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain; 30 January 2009 (2009)

Guidance Document for Competent Authorities for the Control of Compliance with EU Legislation on Aflatoxins. Updated March 2009 (2009)

EC Commission Decision 2009/163/EC of 26 February 2009 amending Decision 1999/217/EC as regards the register of flavoring substances used in or on foodstuffs (2009)

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