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Effect of Drying Moisture Exposed Almonds on the Development of the Quality Defect Concealed Damage.   Authors:Rogel-Castillo, C. E., Luo, K. K., Huang, G., & Mitchell, A. E.  (2017)

The effects of ‘activating’almonds on consumer acceptance and gastrointestinal tolerance.   Authors:Taylor, H., Webster, K., Gray, A. R., Tey, S. L., Chisholm, A., Bailey, K., ... & Brown, R. C.  (2017)

Influence of genotype and crop year in the chemometrics of almond and pistachio oils.  Authors:Rabadán, A., Álvarez, M., Gómez, R., de Miguel, C., & Pardo, J. E.  (2017)

In vitro and in vivo modeling of lipid bioaccessibility and digestion from almond muffins: The importance of the cell-wall barrier mechanism.   Authors:Grassby, T., Mandalari, G., Grundy, M. M. L., Edwards, C. H., Bisignano, C., Trombetta, D., ... & Berry, S. E.  (2017)

Natural variation of selenium in Brazil nuts and soils from the Amazon region.   Authors:da Silva Júnior, E. C., de Oliveira Wadt, L. H., da Silva, K. E., de Lima, R. M. B., Batista, K. D., Guedes, M. C., ... & Guilherme, L. R. G.  (2017)

Detection of the Peanut Allergens Ara h 2 and Ara h 6 in Human Breast Milk: Development of 2 Sensitive and Specific Sandwich ELISA Assays.  Authors:Schocker, F., Scharf, A., Kull, S., & Jappe, U.  (2017)

Age-Based Causes and Clinical Characteristics of Immediate-Type Food Allergy in Korean Children.   Authors:Jeong, K., Kim, J., Ahn, K., Lee, S. Y., Min, T. K., Pyun, B. Y., ... & Jang, G. C.  (2017)

CRD and beyond: multivariable regression models to predict severity of hazelnut allergy.   Authors:Datema, M. R., van Ree, R., Asero, R., Barreales, L., Belohlavkova, S., de Blay, F., ... & Gislason, D.  (2017)

Effects of industrial cashew nut processing on anacardic acid content and allergen recognition by IgE.   Authors:Mattison, C. P., Cavalcante, J. M., Gallão, M. I., & De Brito, E. S.  (2017)

Small percentage of anaphylactic reactions treated with epinephrine during food challenges in Dutch children.   Authors:van der Valk, J. P., Berends, I., van Wijk, R. G., Arends, N. J., van Maaren, M. S., de Groot, H., ... & de Jong, N. W.  (2017)

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