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EAACI Guidelines on Allergen Immunotherapy: IgE‐mediated Food Allergy.   Authors:Pajno, G. B., Fernandez‐Rivas, M., Arasi, S., Roberts, G., Akdis, C. A., Alvaro‐Lozano, M., ... & Eigenmann, P.  (2017)

Integrative transcriptomic analysis reveals key drivers of acute peanut allergic reactions. Nature communications.   Authors:Watson, C. T., Cohain, A. T., Griffin, R. S., Chun, Y., Grishin, A., Hacyznska, H., ... & Henning, A.  (2017)

Detection of IgE reactivity to a handful of allergen molecules in early childhood predicts respiratory allergy in adolescence.   Authors:Wickman, M., Lupinek, C., Andersson, N., Belgrave, D., Asarnoj, A., Benet, M., ... & Pershagen, G.  (2017)

Recent advancement to prevent the development of allergy and allergic diseases and therapeutic strategy in the perspective of barrier dysfunction.   Authors:Natsume, O., & Ohya, Y.  (2017)

Practice Guidelines for Peanut Allergies.   Authors:Sitton, C., & Temples, H. S.  (2018)

Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Allergens in Food Products by LC-MS/MS.   Authors:New, L. S., Schreiber, A., Stahl-Zeng, J., & Liu, H. F.  (2017)

Undeclared Food Allergens and Gluten in Commercial Food Products Analyzed by ELISA.  Authors:Do, A. B., Khuda, S. E., & Sharma, G. M. (2017).  (2017)

Integrating Allergen Analysis Within a Risk Assessment Framework: Approaches to Development of Targeted Mass Spectrometry Methods for Allergen Detection and Quantification in the iFAAM Project.  Authors:Nitride, C., Lee, V., Baricevic-Jones, I., Adel-Patient, K., Baumgartner, S., & Mills, E. N. C.  (2017)

Self-reported adverse food reactions and anaphylaxis in the SchoolNuts study: A population-based study of adolescents.  Authors:McWilliam, V. L., Koplin, J. J., Field, M. J., Sasaki, M., Dharmage, S. C., Tang, M. L., ... & Allen, K. J.  (2017)

Allergenic food introduction and risk of childhood atopic diseases.   Authors:Elbert, N. J., Kiefte-de Jong, J. C., Voortman, T., Nijsten, T. E., de Jong, N. W., Jaddoe, V. W., ... & Pasmans, S. G.  (2017)

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