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Modeling the risk of salmonellosis from consumption of pistachios produced and consumed in the United States.   Authors:Lambertini, E., Barouei, J., Schaffner, D. W., Danyluk, M. D., & Harris, L. J.  (2017)

Fluorescent competitive aptasensor for detection of aflatoxin B1.   Authors:Mukherjee, M., Bhatt, P., & HK, M.  (2017)

A prospective microbiome‐wide association study of food sensitization and food allergy in early childhood.   Authors:Savage, J. H., Lee‐Sarwar, K. A., Sordillo, J., Bunyavanich, S., Zhou, Y., O'Connor, G., ... & Weinstock, G. M.  (2017)

Peanut digestome: Identification of digestion resistant IgE binding peptides.   Authors:Di Stasio, L., Picariello, G., Mongiello, M., Nocerino, R., Canani, R. B., Bavaro, S., ... & Mamone, G.  (2017)

Investigation of Pseudomonas fluorescens strain 3JW1 on preventing and reducing aflatoxin contaminations in peanuts.   Authors:Yang, X., Zhang, Q., Chen, Z. Y., Liu, H., & Li, P.  (2017)

Indole-3-carbinol, a plant nutrient and AhR-Ligand precursor, supports oral tolerance against OVA and improves peanut allergy symptoms in mice.   Authors:Hammerschmidt-Kamper, C., Biljes, D., Merches, K., Steiner, I., Daldrup, T., Bol-Schoenmakers, M., ... & Esser, C.  (2017)

Quantitative Assessment of the Safety Benefits Associated with Increasing Clinical Peanut Thresholds Through Immunotherapy.   Authors:Baumert, J. L., Taylor, S. L., & Koppelman, S. J.  (2017)

A comparative study on basophil activation test, histamine release assay and passive sensitization histamine release assay in the diagnosis of peanut allergy.   Authors:Larsen, L. F., Juel‐Berg, N., Hansen, K. S., Mills, E. N., Ree, R., Poulsen, L. K., & Jensen, B. M.  (2017)

Gastrointestinal digestion of hazelnut allergens on molecular level: Elucidation of degradation kinetics and resistant immunoactive peptides using mass spectrometry.   Authors:Korte, R., Bräcker, J., & Brockmeyer, J.  (2017)

Metabolic and Blood Pressure Effects of Walnut Supplementation in a Mouse Model of the Metabolic Syndrome.  Authors:Scott, N. J., Ellmers, L. J., Pilbrow, A. P., Thomsen, L., Richards, A. M., Frampton, C. M., & Cameron, V. A.  (2017)

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