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Role of Commodity Boards in Advancing the Understanding of the Health Benefits of Whole Foods: California Dried Plums.

Authors: Bowen, P. E. Journal: Raisins Figs Pecans Nutr Today Cranberry Year: 2017 Pages: 19 Volume: 52(1)
Fruits: Almonds · Apricots · Brazil nuts · Cashews · Dates · Dried Cranberry · Hazelnuts · Macadamias · Nuts · Peanuts · Pine nuts · Pistachios · Prunes · Tree nuts · Walnuts

Food and agriculture commodity boards have become important funders of nutrition research. There are benefits and cautions (biases toward health benefits, failure to publish negative results, and aggressive promotion of single studies) for this activity. The California Dried Plum Board, along with other commodity boards, have developed independent Scientific Nutrition Advisory Panels to guide and evaluate the research they fund. In the case of the California Dried Plum Board, this has resulted in research that has distinguished the nature and dose of dried plum and juice to maintain bowel health and opened up a surprising new function for dried plum in the prevention of age-related bone loss.

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