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Physical activity and dietary habits related to cardiovascular risk in independent community-living older women.

Authors: Fraile-Bermúdez, A. B., Kortajarena, M., Zarrazquin, I., Irazusta, A., Fernandez-Atutxa, A., Ruiz-Litago, F., ... & Irazusta, J. Journal: Exp Gerontol. Year: 2017 Pages: 46-51. Volume: 92
Fruits: Nuts
Subject: Blood pressure · Cardiovascular

A side effect of increased life expectancy is a surge in sequelae of diseases and injuries, which in turn increase the duration of life with disability among the elderly. The aim of this study was to ascertain the physical activity and nutritional parameters that better predict cardiovascular risk in a cohort of older women. A cross-sectional study was designed including 65 women able to independently perform basic activities of daily life. Data collection included anthropometric measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood analytics, objectively measurement of physical activity, and dietary assessment. We were able to generate models that explain the relationship between physical activity, diet, and these health measurement parameters. We observed that the combination of moderate physical activity and a diet including protein-rich foods as nuts, dairy, and eggs were better predictors associated with favorable changes in risk factors for cardiovascular disease than age.

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