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Mechanisms of Salmonella Attachment and Survival on In-Shell Black Peppercorns, Almonds, and Hazelnuts.   Authors:Li, Y., Salazar, J. K., He, Y., Desai, P., Porwollik, S., Chu, W., ... & McClelland, M.  (2020)

Review about Non-Lipid Components and Minor Fat-Soluble Bioactive Compounds of Almond Kernel.   Authors:Roncero, J. M., Álvarez-Ortí, M., Pardo-Giménez, A., Rabadán, A., & Pardo, J. E.  (2020)

Correlation between water stress and phenolic compounds of hydroSOStainable almonds.   Authors:Lipan, L., Cano‐Lamadrid, M., Collado‐González, J., Wojdyło, A., López‐Lluch, D., Moriana, A., & Carbonell‐Barrachina, Á. A.  (2020)

The Global Burden of Illness of Peanut Allergy: A Comprehensive Literature Review.   Authors:Lieberman, J. A., Gupta, R., Knibb, R. C., Haselkorn, T., Tilles, S., Mack, D. P., & Pouessel, G.  (2020)

Induction of Peanut Allergy Through Inhalation of Peanut in Mice.   Authors:Dolence, J. J.  (2020)

Accurate prediction of peanut allergy in one-third of adults using a validated Ara h 2 cutoff.   Authors:Kansen, H. M., van Erp, F. C., Knulst, A. C., Ehlers, A. M., Lyons, S. A., Knol, E. F., ... & Le, T. M.  (2020)

Irradiated Tree Nut Flours for Use in Oral Immunotherapy.   Authors:Penumarti, A., Szczepanski, N., Kesselring, J., Gabel, E., Sheth, R., Berglund, J., ... & Kulis, M. D.  (2020)

The importance of the 2S albumins for allergenicity and cross-reactivity of peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds.   Authors:Dreskin, S. C., Koppelman, S., Andorf, S., Nadeau, K. C., Kalra, A., Braun, W., ... & Schein, C. H.  (2020)

Practical challenges and considerations for early introduction of potential food allergens for prevention of food allergy.   Authors:Schroer, B., Groetch, M., Mack, D. P., & Venter, C.  (2020)

Emerging Therapies for Peanut Allergy.  Authors:Hong, T. S., Hu, A., Fahim, G., & Hermes-DeSantis, E. R.  (2020)

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