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Synergistic effect of pistachio shell powder and nano-zerovalent copper for chromium remediation from aqueous solution.   Authors:Kumar, S., Brar, R. S., Babu, J. N., Dahiya, A., Saha, S., & Kumar, A.  (2021)

The adsorption properties of microporous activated carbon prepared from pistachio nut shell for low-concentration VOCs under low-medium temperatures.  Authors:Cheng, T., Li, J., Ma, X., Zhou, L., Wu, H., & Yang, L.  (2021)

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and pistachio husk biochar combination reduces Ni distribution in mungbean plant and improves plant antioxidants and soil enzymes.   Authors:Turan, V.  (2021)

Walnut (J. regia) Agro-Residues as a Rich Source of Phenolic Compounds.  Authors:Medic, A., Jakopic, J., Solar, A., Hudina, M., & Veberic, R.  (2021)

Polyurethane Composites Reinforced with Walnut Shell Filler Treated with Perlite, Montmorillonite and Halloysite.   Authors:Członka, S., Kairytė, A., Miedzińska, K., & Strąkowska, A.  (2021)

Nanocomposites of zero-valent iron@ biochar derived from agricultural wastes for adsorptive removal of tetracyclines.  Authors:Hao, D., Chen, Y., Zhang, Y., & You, N.  (2021)

Process intensification and kinetic studies of ultrasound-assisted extraction of flavonoids from peanut shells.  Authors:Liao, J., Guo, Z., & Yu, G.  (2021)

Oxidative stability of a new peanut butter bite product.   Authors:Pidatala, P. K., Bellmer, D., & McGlynn, W.  (2021)

High-throughput Analysis of Aflatoxins in Cereals, Nuts and Processed Products Involving Automated Immunoaffinity Cleanup and Inline HPLC-Fluorescence Detection.  Authors:Dhanshetty, M., Thorat, P., & Banerjee, K.  (2021)

Field Survival of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) on California Tree Crops.   Authors:Stahl, J. M., Scaccini, D., & Daane, K. M.  (2021)

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